The US Conference of Mayors wants to stop Dolcefino Consulting from videotaping a big speech Monday at national conference on garbage.

Guess who’s speaking? Mayor Sylvester Turner, who is still fighting to keep secret his e-mails on a recycling contract widely criticized for the way it was bid and the company who won.

Curiously, Turner’s luncheon speech is sponsored by Waste Management, the Houston based garbage giant who bitterly complained when Turner chose a foreign company to get the lucrative city contract.

Recycling costs are skyrocketing around the country, but it’s likely Turner won’t want to talk about how he cheated the company ECOHUB.

ECOHUB had hundreds of millions of dollars in private money and had offered to share profits with the city by turning garbage into new products. Houston taxpayers would have saved millions in garbage costs.
Turner’s speech comes just weeks before the election for fair pay for firefighters. ECOHUB had promised to use some of the profits to help underpaid Houston firefighters. Turner’s decision to cancel a planned contract with ECOHUB and then hide the e-mails showing why is one of the problems with the Mayor’s claims that the City doesn’t have the money to pay firefighters like cops.

“I have said it before. This recycling scandal will haunt Houstonians”, says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Taxpayers lost millions in potential savings in this deal and the Mayor and the company that got the controversial deal will not Identify the Houstonians who will make money on this contract. Maybe the Mayor will confess in his speech?”

The US Conference of Mayors denied our request for media credentials, saying we are not a “traditional” news outlet. Dolcefino Consulting has a growing list of clients who have funded our media investigations into landfills, garbage and recycling contracts. In Houston, even the Mayor’s closest aides have complained in e-mails of possible corruption in Houston garbage and landfill deals.

“The US conference of Mayors wants to protect Mayor Turner, even though this is a conference about garbage that we all pay for”, says Dolcefino. “That’s garbage, but our Mayor likes secrecy.”