How many more days can Mary Van Orman avoid Montgomery County Judge Tracy Gilbert?

Judge Gilbert wants to see Van Orman in his courtroom. She has yet to show up. Guess she’s scared?

If you are keeping up with the bizarre world of Ms. Van Orman you know Dolcefino Consulting has frequent installments about Van Orman and her growing list of problems. It’s becoming one of of favorite courthouse reality shows.

Back in September, Judge Gilbert issued a warrant to arrest Van Orman for not showing up in his court. Van Orman was supposed to be in court explaining to Judge Gilbert why she ignored his court order.

Earlier this summer Judge Gilbert ordered sanctions against Van Orman’s bizarre behavior toward lawyer Katherine Bihm. That behavior included things like name calling, shouting insults at Bihm from across a crowded Conroe restaurant, and attempting to physically shove Bihm in another courtroom.

Van Orman was required to write a check and an apology and take a class. She decided not to listen.

Last week, more than three months after it was due, Van Orman finally wrote her apology letter. The instructions were clear – write an apology to Bihm “detailing and acknowledging any and all actions and/or inactions of unprofessional conduct.”

Mary? She did quite the contrary.

Van Orman’s apology leaves a lot to be desired – mostly the apology part. The letter is a rambling cornucopia of excuses for Van Orman’s unprofessional behavior and a lecture for Bihm about how easy her life is compared to Van Orman’s.

Van Orman goes on to say, “Conduct which denigrates the public perception of lawyers in our society and especially female attorneys in our society is unacceptable.”

We agree Mary. So why do you keep doing it?