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Ben and Saundra Hall say they are thrilled with the comments they heard at early voting locations and the results of campaign exit polls.

Houstonians in the African-American and conservative white precincts voted in record setting numbers during early voting, and there is only one reason, the bathroom ordinance.

“Voters came out of the booth to tell us they were voting against Hero and for Ben Hall, because they know he is the only candidate who has waged a battle against the bathroom ordinance from the beginning”, says Hall.

Hall was amused by the Chronicle’s attempt this weekend to portray this surge in early voting as good for their hand-picked career politician candidates Sylvester Turner and Bill King.

“Sylvester Turner is a fourth term of Mayor Parker and has the very same agenda that threatened our public safety with this dangerous ordinance”, says Hall. “The idea that voters will reward him for his support of Hero and the politically powerful gay caucus is laughable”.

Hall has cornered endorsements and support of the faith community throughout Houston.

“We believe these faith voters will cast their ballot based on their social and family values, not partisanship”, says Hall. “Republican voters know Bill King has become a born again social conservative just to get votes. That is why he waffled for months on HERO.”

Houstonians must remember this fight against the dangerous bathroom ordinance will not end Tuesday. The next Mayor could compose a new ordinance just as dangerous.

Mayor Annise Parker wants Houstonians to think Ben Hall can’t win. Her crystal ball is clearly broken. She has misled Houstonians time and time again and attacked our churches.

Only Ben Hall has promised not to play politics with your public safety. Only Ben Hall will restore morals and common sense.



Houston Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall will hold a news conference at 1:00 pm Monday morning, encouraged by a surge in Anti-Hero early voting, and will call on Houstonians of faith to send a message to Houston City Hall.

Houstonians need to know that the fight against this dangerous ordinance will not end Tuesday with a victory at the polls. The next Mayor can write a new ordinance just as dangerous. Only Ben Hall will vow to never play politics with your public safety.

“The Houston Chronicle wants us to just stay home an anoint Bill King and Sylvester Turner spots in the runoff. Turner is nothing more than a fourth term of Mayor Parker and the agenda of the gay caucus, and Bill King became a born again social conservative just because the pollsters told him to.”

Hall will argue that bringing morality and common sense to Houston City Hall is not just about the bathroom ordinance.

“Houstonians must reject the pay to play politics and political corruption that cheat this city. Recent news reports confirm what we have been warning voters about. Both of the Chronicle’s hand-picked candidates are ethically stained with the same brush”, says Hall. “

We have a chance to bring morality and common sense back to City Hall with Ben Hall.

The Hall news conference will be held at 1:00 pm at the campaign office at 530 Lovett.


The City should immediately cease collecting the rain tax.

Today, the trial judge, following the instructions of the Texas Supreme Court, granted judgment in favor of the Plaintiffs, and against the City, declaring the rain tax ballot initiative defective and misleading.  As such, the City should immediately cease collecting the rain tax, and not include this charge on any future water bills to Houstonians.

This is yet another shameful outcome to a City Hall that has ignored and trampled upon the legal and democratic process.  The citizens of Houston deserve better!

I also call on the City to cease on any further litigation, appeals, or any extraordinary measures to try to support this improper fee. 

Ben Hall, from the inception, has opposed the rain tax.  He advocated against it before it was placed on the ballot, opposed it after being placed on the ballot, and has agreed with the efforts to have the rain tax ballot set aside.


Ben Hall has been a warrior against the dangerous HERO bathroom ordinance. His vow to keep taxes low and end the dirty pay to play politics at Houston City Hall has made him a lot of powerful enemies.

But that doesn’t excuse a radio station from running false and defamatory advertising from a clearly phony source.

Radio One has been running a knowingly false radio ad against Hall from a group called Historians for Truth. It suggests Ben Hall, an African-American lawyer who runs the historic KCOH radio station, is tied to the confederacy of all things.  

“The commercial is shamefully false,” says Hall, “but what is really troubling is that there are people out there who could get a radio station like Radio One to run an ad for a phony group that doesn’t legally exist, with a phony phone number, requested by a person using an alias name used by the fictional movie character Iron Man, and get the false ad aired in Houston, Texas.  Such conduct is amateurish at best!” 

The group Historians for Truth is not registered as a political action committee. The phone number actually belongs to an elderly white couple who knew nothing about the ad.

“We are preparing legal action, and demand this advertising be stopped immediately,” says Hall. “Radio One, owners of the city’s most popular inner city radio station, owes listeners a full explanation. And Houstonians should take notice.”

Vote No on City Proposition 1, and Vote Yes for Ben Hall for Mayor!

Wayne Dolcefino

Wayne Dolcefino in the Dolcefino Communications office (Photo: Cody Duty, Houston Chronicle Staff)

Houston Chronicle reporter Rebecca Elliott writes a profile piece on Wayne Dolcefino and Dolcefino Communications entitled “Dolcefino making his mark on mayor’s race.”

Here is an excerpt:

Three years after going off the air, Wayne Dolcefino is back at the heart of Houston politics, acting very much like the take-no-prisoners investigative reporter he was the first time Sylvester Turner ran for mayor in 1991.

In recent weeks, Dolcefino has reprised some of the same pointed allegations about Turner that he reported nearly a quarter century ago.

Only now, the former KTRK journalist is working for one of Turner’s rivals, former City Attorney Ben Hall.

Hall said his decision to hire Dolcefino was based on the former reporter’s skills, not his history with Turner. READ MORE

Demands King, Turner Apologize


Houston Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall will hold a major news conference Thursday, October 22 at 2:00 pm to demand Bill King and Sylvester Turner apologize to the voters they hoodwinked in the 2012 HISD Bond Election.

Wednesday, an audit revealed the school district sold taxpayers a bill of goods and then lied about the reasons they are running out of $2 BILLION DOLLARS and breaking promises to the school children of Houston.

“Bill King was the Chairman of this Bond Boondoggle and sold this charade to Houstonians,” says Hall. “And worse, he never bothered to tell voters he was actually on HISD’S payroll at the very same time. Sylvester Turner convinced the minority community to come on board, then cashed in from the bond deal.”

Who got him to change his mind?

Hall will call for an independent investigation of this entire 2012 Bond Campaign. The FBI is already investigating possible corruption in the HISD School District.

“Bill King can’t waffle out of this one”, says Hall. “And Sylvester Turner needs to stop hiding from public scrutiny!”

Ben Hall warned taxpayers to say NO to a wasteful government boondoggle. That is what a real fiscal conservative does.


What are the odds two candidates for Mayor of the City of Houston would have cashed in from the very same government contractor?

It is time for Bill King and Sylvester Turner to spill the beans about their dealings with Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson, LLP.  The tax collection firm is linked to ongoing federal corruption investigations in both Houston and Dallas, and was the target of a CNN Money investigation earlier this year.

The article details Bill King as one of the tax collectors who cashed in big time when he left LGB&S. The story features a picture of King on his yacht named “Hard Times.” Ironically, King made his money from a company that took homes from working families who had fallen on ‘hard times.’

King also managed the 2012 HISD Bond election. A Linebarger lobbyist was a key figure in securing campaign contributions from school contractors who stood to benefit from the bond.  E-mails show King also played a role in monitoring how much school contractors were handing over.

“Bill King has never fully explained why he was on the payroll of HISD while working on the bond campaign,” says Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall. “And his conduct in the HISD bond election only demonstrates he is willing to play in the ‘pay to play’ culture that we must reject.  Is that the way he would run Houston City Hall?”

As managing partner of Linebarger’s Houston Office, was King involved in payments to Houston lawmakers?  The media should find out.

In 2003, the Texas legislature allowed tax collectors to add a 30% fee to unpaid court fines for things like speeding tickets.

Sylvester Turner’s law firm Barnes & Turner, has cashed in as a result. It’s collected more than $800,000 dollars from City of Houston contracts from municipal court collections.

For years, Turner’s firm was listed as an affirmative action contractor for the HISD contract. Linebarger claimed it was sharing 25% of the multi-million dollar contract with minority and women owned firms.

Last year, HISD discovered the Linebarger reports were false, and since then the company hasn’t shared a penny of their big contract with a single minority firm.

You would think Sylvester Turner would be demanding that stop.  Instead he has been silent.

In 2012, Sylvester Turner opposed the HISD Bond election, but then suddenly changed his mind.  He should disclose if he met with the Linebarger lobbyist trying to help HISD pass the bond election.

It is a small world, isn’t it?


“Mayor Parker and her friends are trying to scare you. HERO supporters are trying to bully Houstonians into believing that standing up for public safety will jeopardize the Super Bowl.

I will never play politics with your public safety. I am the only candidate for Mayor that has fought this bad law from the beginning. I will protect the women and children of this city. Men will not be allowed in their bathrooms or showers. Never!

This week, a group opposing Proposition 1 released a commercial showing a danger the present HERO ordinance can expose women and children to in public bathrooms. We can do better, without endangering the public.

Vote No to Prop 1, and Vote Yes for Ben Hall for Mayor!

No compromise. No waffling. No men in women’s bathrooms.”


Rolan Roberson is the latest pastor to accuse Sylvester Turner of falsifying his support. The President of the Northeast Ministerial Alliance is just the latest name being added to a growing list.

Last week, Pastor Ricky Bell of Forest Lawn Missionary Baptist Church, and Pastor Walter August of Bethel Family Church spoke out against Sly’s claim of their endorsements.

The growing list of church pastors coming forward to challenge Mr. Turner comes amidst the coalescing of the faith community around Ben Hall. Last night, the Children of God in Christ, which represents 217 churches, announced their endorsement of Ben Hall.

“These are great churches representing 35,000 Houston voters,” says Hall. “There is a growing momentum to bring morals and common sense back to our city.”

Sylvester Turner is an advocate of the bathroom ordinance that will let men use women’s restrooms. He has been endorsed by the same Gay Caucus that endorsed Mayor Annise Parker. Those policies have divided this city and led to an attack on church sermons.

Ben Hall has opposed the bathroom ordinance from day one, and has garnered the support of more than 2,000 pastors and churches.

“Mr. Turner is desperate to stop the growing movement of the religious community away from his campaign, and he owes these pastors and their congregations an apology.”

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