Mayoral candidate Ben Hall says Houstonians have simply had enough.

“Mayor Parker misleads voters on the rain tax, tries to deny people the right to vote on the HERO ordinance, and now when the highest court in the state tells her to just stop it, she acts like a spoiled child and plays more games.”

Hall called on Houston City Council to change the ballot language immediately.

“The Mayor wanted ballot language to confuse voters. That speaks volumes about this Mayor and why Houstonian’s should reject all career politicians.”

logo-benhall01Houston Mayor Annise Parker and her lawyers have embarrassed this city and taxpayers may end up paying the consequences. She has proven she will violate the constitution, city charter, and God’s pulpits for her personal agenda.

Today’s civil rights lawsuit is a direct result of city lawyers playing politics with the law. Frankly, this is another disgusting situation created by this mayor.

The right to vote is fundamental. Separation of church and state is sacred.

Subpoenaing the sermons of Houston religious leaders and ignoring the signed petitions of tens of thousands of Houstonians are reckless and arrogant acts.

Any mayoral candidate accepting Mayor Parker’s endorsement or support must be viewed with suspicion. We have too many critical issues to fix: finances, roads, crime, police relations, flooding and pensions.

If you trust me with your vote, I will honor the law and respect the rights of all Houstonians.

We do not need another professional politician.

Mr. Hall is available for media requests. Please contact Wayne Dolcefino at Dolcefino Consulting by e-mail, 713-389-0810.


Several of the religious leaders who led the right to repeal the “ HERO” ordinance have announced their endorsement of Ben Hall for mayor.

The endorsement cites Hall’s steadfast commitment to the right to vote for all Houstonians and principled opposition to the ordinance on grounds of public safety.

Steve Riggle, Pastor of the mega Grace Community Church, stated, “Ben Hall is the only choice to support in this year’s mayor’s race. He stood with us bravely when no other mayoral candidate would. He has shown courage under fire and is the type of faith-based leader this city needs in the mayor’s office.”

Rev. Dr. F. N. Williams, Sr., one of the named plaintiffs in the HERO suit, said his endorsement of Hall for mayor “is based on more than two decades of watching this man.”

“He has been uncompromising in his convictions and is resolute in letting others know where he stands,” says the respected Acres Homes pastor. “Hall is bold, courageous, intelligent and a born leader.”

Williams is a well-respected leader who marched with the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and pastors the historic Antioch Missionary Baptist Church located in Acres Homes.

Learning of the endorsement, Hall wrote, “This is a Gideon Moment in my life. The endorsement of these great champions of faith renew in me confidence that the Almighty is pleased with our stance on issues. I will always strive to be humble when accepting the support of such giants of faith.”

Some of the endorsing leaders are: Reverend Dr. F.N. Williams, Sr., Pastor Steve Riggle, Dr. Hernan Castano, Dr. Wendy Castano, Bishop Prince E. Bryant, Bishop Delegrantis, Reverend Elmo Johnson, Reverend Charles Ingram, Reverend Ed Small, Bishop Mark Smith, Pastor Luis Larrinaga, Pastor Joel Montes, Reverend Carl Matthews, Pastor Juan Carlos Jimenez, Pastor Cris Tetzintla, Pastor Jorge Gamboa and Pastor David Garcia.

The Hall campaign invites all 54,000 HERO petitioners to join the growing Hall campaign at, through e-mail at, or via Ben’s facebook page or twitter @benhall2015.


Ben Hall stood firm with Houston’s voters from the beginning.

As former Houston City Attorney, Ben knew Houston Mayor Annise Parker broke the law when she denied over 54,000 Houstonians the right to vote on HERO.

Ben didn’t make a political calculation. He followed the law and his faith.

Then there is Bill King, who sat on his hands and said nothing.

He did not voice opposition to the HERO ordinance nor the blatant suppression of voter rights. He did not protest when pastors’ sermons were subpoenaed as part of a campaign to silence critics.

He said nothing while Houstonians had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just for their day in court.

But now that the Texas Supreme Court has spoken, Bill King has suddenly found his courage. King now says the HERO ordinance was never needed and that voters should have the right to vote.

Where were you Mr. King when it mattered?

Typical politician! Aren’t you tired of career politicians?

Whatever our position on the HERO ordinance, we should all fight for the right to vote.

Ben Hall took a stand, regardless of the consequences, from the very beginning.

That’s the kind of true leadership Ben Hall will bring to Houston City Hall.

Houston Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall has issued a challenge Friday afternoon to all his opponents.

Take a public stand on the HERO ordinance. Today.

“I am the only candidate in this race that has been steadfast in fighting against the efforts of this current mayor and administration to suppress the voting rights of the citizens to be heard on this issue. I am the only candidate in this race who opposed this ordinance.”

Hall says it is a disgrace that so many candidates have refused to take a stand on the ordinance or be willing to fight for Houstonian’s right to vote. As a former Houston City Attorney Hall says he is disgusted city lawyers have been used to wage political warfare for the Mayor’s lifestyle agenda.

“If I am elected Mayor I will always honor the right of voters to petition City Hall. City hall has shamed us all. That will not be tolerated under my watch.”

Houstonians know exactly where I stand. All Mayoral Candidates owe the voters the truth today.


I am not a career politician.

When I ran for my first political office in 2013, I let the Mayor and her friends distort my life.

Like tens of thousands of Houstonians I paid my property taxes just a few months late, and as a businessman and a lawyer I fought with the IRS. Before they were done mischaracterizing my life I was some kind of deadbeat.

This year my family has now been viciously attacked on social media as haters because we signed a petition to have a vote on the definition of gender.

This time I am fighting back. The voting rights of 22000+ who signed the petition and every other Houstonian are at risk as this will set a dangerous precedent for future elections. People lived and died to secure the right to vote for all Americans. As a result, all Americans must protect the right to vote.

Let me make one thing clear. My faith in God is not for sale nor negotiable.

I fought when the long hand of this divisive Mayor reached into the pulpits of our city to subpoena the sacred sermons of ministers.

Maybe that is not smart politics. But, then, I am not a politician. I am a man of faith. I am an independent businessman for change. Unlike some of our career politicians, I am not going to go around trying to buy special interest votes.

Part of our decision was based on law. The current lack of a clear legal definition is dangerous because it might actually protect a heterosexual man who dresses like a woman simply for the chance to sneak into a woman’s restroom and invade their privacy or attack our wives and daughters.

That’s not a gay issue. That’s an issue of public safety.

This issue is very personal to my family. That is why Saundra so much wanted to talk to you and share with you her experience.

The question should not be why Ben and Saundra Hall signed a petition seeking an election. That’s the American way!

The question should be why so many of our politicians are silent. They lack courage!

I will be Mayor for all Houstonians and I will protect all our citizens from illegal discrimination.

Houstonians want someone to tell them the truth about the city’s frightening finances; our broken streets; our crime; a drainage system that floods neighborhoods and kills people.

They also want democracy. The voices of the people must be heard! Let the people vote!

I believe in the rule of law. People fought and died for our right to have a democracy.

That is why I believe Houstonians have a right to petition their government–whether you, my son or my wife agree with the reason for their doing so.

I am not afraid of democracy, but I wonder why so many of our career politicians in Houston are.

My family proudly signed a petition calling for a vote to define gender.

– Ben Hall

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