If you were in Judge David Farr’s courtroom this past week you’d think Houston Attorney’s Doug York and Lloyd Kelley wanted to make sure a Young Pakistani woman was sent to her death by stoning.

Hira Azhar is seeking a divorce from controversial Houston developer Ali Choudhri, accused of hiding tens of millions of dollars from his wife. Their arranged marriage happened in Pakistan, but there is no dispute they lived in Houston as husband and wife.

Choudhri thinks his sharia divorce chant and some paperwork in Pakistan takes him off the hook from losing a penny to Azhar, who married Choudhri at the age of 18.

Even seasoned observers would have cringed over the courtroom testimony this week, as the sharia law debate took back stage to the Taliban, bribery, assassination, virginity and even President Obama.

Days ago Choudhri lawyers filed motions in the Houston court that could get Azhar killed back home. They alleged she wasn’t a virgin when she married Choudhri as required, bud had been married secretly before. They produced a marriage certificate from the Taliban controlled Pakistani frontier to prove it.

Both the Imam and the marriage clerk who supposedly signed and stamped the wedding certificate now say it is a total fake. Even though fake documents in the Taliban region are pretty common, Choudhri’ s lawyer allege the clerk was paid 26,000 to lose his memory of the tribal bliss They didn’t accuse the Imam of lying, but…

Choudhri’s lawyers haven’t produced a single picture ever taken of Azhar and the mystery first husband. Not one. Yet on Friday, they tried to convince Judge David Farr to let Pakistan sort it out, in part because they claim Azhar’s family is threatening witnesses and people are too scared to be part of this Texas showdown. They even claim in court papers the lawyer for the first husband was just about to come to Houston to blow the whistle before he was assassinated. The plot thickens.

York and Kelly know that if this mystery marriage is actually true, and Azhar goes back to Pakistan, she could face death. That didn’t stop them from asking her if she had medical records proving she was really a virgin when she married Choudhri.

On the witness stand, Azhar testified she has never even heard of this mysterious first husband, and her lawyer Bobby Newman showed records showing Azhar was taking a practice test for school and attending a family party on the day she was supposedly eloping in Taliban country.

Newman even had to enter Azhar’s high school diary into evidence, which doesn’t include a word about this secret husband, but did get into the deepest personal secrets of a high school girl who was about to be married off and leave her home for Houston.

What did York and Kelly do? They accused Azhar of altering her own personal diary, now on public display, as part of the bigamy scheme and elaborate cover up to hide her violations of sharia law.

Their gotcha moment was the July 4, 2008 entry into her yearbook. Azhar had written her fantasy was to get her diploma from Harvard in America from President Barack Obama. York pounced on the fact Obama wasn’t elected to be President until November.

Of course, that is why they call it the fantasy Mr. York, but nice try. Azhar was probably not the only 17-year old girl living overseas that got caught up in that historic American political campaign.

Divorce trials can be nasty, but you have to agree that any guy who wants to make horrible allegations against the woman he married, and then send her back to Pakistan to get stoned to death is a real peach.

Judge David Farr denied the Pakistani two-step and Monday morning in the 312 th District Court they will begin arguing about the temporary support Choudhri may have to come up with while the divorce battle continues.

Expect another day of fireworks, in a trial that has already triggered international intrigue and some of the most bizarre allegations a Houston family courtroom has ever seen.

District Judge David Farr has denied a gag order in the Houston divorce trial that now includes allegations of assassination and bigamy.

That means a hearing Friday morning will surely involve tales of international intrigue.

Galleria area developer Ali Choudhri is trying to use Sharia Law to cheat his wife Hira Azhar out of millions of dollars in supposedly hidden money. She claims he beat her, treated her like a servant, and slept between his parents rather than with her, while they lived in Houston. Then she says he tricked her into going back to Pakistan in a failed attempt to keep her from coming back to America for a divorce in a Texas court.

In the last few days, Choudhri’s Houston legal team have made some astounding allegations.

First, that the young Pakistani woman is a bigamist, hiding her first marriage in the tribal lands of Pakistan.

It gets better.

Attorneys Doug York and Lloyd Kelly claim the lawyer for the supposed first husband was coming to Houston to blow the whistle, but was assassinated just as he was about to leave. They accuse her family of bribery and a campaign of violent threats to keep the truth from coming out. Pretty juicy.

That’s why it was pretty funny to watch those same lawyers argue there should be a gag order after they threw a giant barrel of gasoline into the divorce fire. They even tried to get testimony from Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino, cuz they didn’t take too kindly that I alerted the public and media to this reality drama playing out in Houston court. They lost.

Azhar’s lawyers say the first marriage license is a total fake, and wonder out loud whether Choudhri’s lawyers know it. They have compelling evidence these tribal nuptials never happened.

The fireworks begin at 9 AM, in Judge Farr’s 312th District Court.

((Don’t forget the freaky bedroom stuff))

The Jetall website says the company is reinventing Houston real estate, but one thing is for sure, company founder Ali Choudhri is reinventing the meaning of a messy divorce.

Tuesday, August 23rd, at 9:00 AM, in Judge David Farr’s 312th District Courtroom, the latest allegations of attempted assassination, phony marriage licenses and bribery will be center stage.

Choudhri has a long list of business enemies and lawsuits, but now he is accused of treating his arranged Pakistani bride like a servant, and beating her while he slept in between his parents, instead of next to her. He is accused of tricking her into a trip back to Pakistan so she couldn’t come back to Texas, getting a sharia divorce, and trying to cheat her out of the millions she would be due in a Texas divorce.

In recent weeks Choudhri’s lawyers have thrown one startling accusation after another against Hira Azhar that could get her stoned to death in Pakistan.

First, Choudhri’s legal team now claims Azar is a bigamist, claiming to have papers from an alleged other marriage in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Of course, her team says the Pakistani document, known as a Nikkah Nama, is fake.

Then last week the plot thickened, when Choudhri’s lawyers announced the mysterious first husband’s lawyer was assassinated, just as he was supposedly coming here to blow the whistle. Court pleadings suggest, murder, bribery and gangs all supposedly linked to the effort to protect Choudhri’s wife, who was just 18 when they got married.

Sound fishy? Sure, but remember Choudhri’s fortune is safe from Pakistani sharia courts, but maybe not the court in Texas.

The hearing tomorrow morning in Judge Farr’s court begins at 9:00 AM. Like Reality TV? You’ll LOVE this.