Mary Van Orman

Happy New Year.

While most people are working hard on their New Year’s resolutions to better themselves, infamous Woodlands divorce lawyer Mary Van Orman is up to her same old tricks.

In the high dollar Harris County divorce case between Sherry and Marek Menger, Van Orman pulled a fast one to get a last-minute court order that involves lots of money.

Right before Christmas, Van Orman filed an emergency motion to get a big pay day for Marek Menger, but the judge in the case was Lisa Millard and she wasn’t there to sign it.

So, who helped with the Mary’s last-minute Christmas gift?

Judge John Schmude did, just days before he left the bench.

Schmude had never heard a single argument in the nearly three-year-old divorce and didn’t know the history or that the divorce judgment was on appeal. It was one of his last acts as a sitting judge, and that’s why it’s raising eyebrows.

We looked. Schmude has received $2,000 in campaign donations from Mary Van Orman & Associates, half of that in his most recent failed bid to stay on the bench.

Newly elected Judge Sonya Heath has only been presiding over this case for a short while, so she may not know what we do about all the crazy things that have happened in the Van Orman saga.

The divorce should have been a done deal nearly a year ago when the final divorce decree was signed. Except Van Orman kept trying to get a new trial, claiming her client was cheated because she wasn’t in court the day the deal was signed.

Remember she claimed she was stuck at a hearing in Judge Gilbert’s court in Montgomery County. Except she wasn’t.

Dolcefino Consulting checked with Judge Gilbert’s court and confirmed there was no hearing in Gilbert’s court that day.

What’s the punishment for using one court to con another?

And how many judges signed last minute orders on their way out the door that new judges will have to clean up?

“These cases in family court shouldn’t go on forever. Judge Heath should take a real serious look at what happened over the Christmas holidays in the Menger case. It smells,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “We get hired all the time to investigate family injustice, and it’s hard to avoid running into stories about Ms. Van Orman’s courtroom conduct.”

She barely avoided jail in 2018 for her unprofessional conduct against another divorce lawyer.

Stay tuned. The Mary show promises more hits in 2019.

Marcelle Guimaraes

Marcelle Guimaraes

Lawyers for Brazilian grandparents Carlos and Jemima Guimaraes are asking a Houston federal judge to keep them out of prison.

In court documents filed in a Houston federal court, defense attorney Rusty Hardin says the couple was only protecting their daughter from an admitted perpetrator of domestic violence
when she fled Houston in the middle of her divorce case.

The Guimaraes couple was convicted in Houston federal court of aiding and abetting the kidnapping after the fact, but the jury only saw some of the evidence against their former son-
in-law, Houston doctor Chris Brann.

The couple will be sentenced by Judge Alfred Bennett next Wednesday, December 12, 2018. The legal documents include a report from Barbett Brashear, MSW, the Executive Director of
the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.

“In my professional opinion, based on documents provided and reviewed, Ms. Guimaraes is a victim of domestic violence,” wrote Brashear. A danger assessment done by Brashear says
Guimaraes was in severe danger of being killed.

In 2015, a final decision in the Brazilian court allowed Guimaraes to stay in Brazil indefinitely with her son Nico, ruling Brann’s continued violence against her posed a danger to their child.
Four months later, Dr. Brann initiated the federal prosecution of his ex-wife and her parents. Brann has been waging a public relations campaign against the Guimaraes family for years.

“They are not guilty for anything, I am the one that made the decision to stay in Brazil, I am the one that decided to come here,” Marcelle told Dolcefino Consulting from Brazil. “I am the
one that decided to save my life and my son’s life.”

In recent weeks, Dolcefino Consulting has helped expose the documented violence and sexual disorder that led Marcelle Guimaraes to flee to Brazil. Our investigation also exposed ethical
issues involving the judge in her divorce case, James Lombardino. Brann’s lawyer was Bobby Newman. Newman’s firm and family were Lombardino’s biggest campaign contributors.
Records show Newman also provided free legal help to the Lombardino’s son in his divorce case.

The U.S. State Department records about 1,100 international parental kidnappings a year, but since 1994 only 53 cases have been prosecuted under the statute. Carlos and Jemima
Guimaraes are the first grandparents ever convicted of aiding and abetting an international kidnapping.

“This divorce case was poisoned by conflicts of interest,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, the Houston based Investigative Media firm helping Marcelle Guimaraes.

“It is the root of the injustice that permeates the grandparents’ case. Marcelle Guimaraes sought help from the Harris County family courts and she was ignored,” Dolcefino says. “Her
parents are only guilty of protecting their daughter and their grandson. Wouldn’t you have done the same thing if it was your daughter?”


Accusing someone of molesting their own kids is about as serious as it gets. It’s a horrible crime.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has an obligation to make sure they are right, and part of that job is to present the grand jury with ALL of the facts. grand jury MUST take the time to review ALL the evidence.

In the case of famed Houston chef Bruce Molzan that didn’t happen. It is time to find out why.

“It’s horrible. I’ve been accused of a crime I didn’t do. It’s like the twilight zone,” says Molzan. “It’s devastating. I mean I don’t even know what to say. It’s so insane, I’d never do that to my children.”

Molzan was indicted in October on charges of molesting two of his children. The DA chose to ignore the polygraph test he passed. Sex Crimes Division Prosecutor Megan Long knew the allegations weren’t first made until 7 years into a nasty divorce case with his ex-wife, and only days before his wife faced possible jail time for refusing to let him see his kids. She also knew one of the children had also accused another chef at Molzan’s restaurant of molesting her too.

The charges against chef Thomas Nguyen have already been dropped, but only after his reputation was scorched. Nguyen was staying in Molzan’s apartment while they worked on a new restaurant and witnessed the way the kids acted – defiant, aggressive, and malicious. The children were constantly calling police in an attempt to end their visitation.

“They abuse him, throw things. I just know that Bruce is being framed,” says Nguyen. “For my part, I just want to get back and do what I do.”

Videos the District Attorney’s Office never showed the grand jury should raise alarm bells.

Molzan was so scared of his kids’ behavior he installed cameras in his apartment and his restaurant. They show his kids pulling his hair and slapping him, and in his restaurant throwing food at him and hitting him several times.

Those are not the actions of scared molested children. An experienced prosecutor should know that.

Molzan’s lawyer Nicole Deborde says this is the worst case of parental alienation she has ever seen.

“They come over here saying, oh my father is trying to get my mother in jail, we hate him, so we are going to do something against him, we are going to get him to jail,” says Marco Canamar, a waiter at Molzan’s Kirby area restaurant, Ruggles Black.

There is no way around it, divorce is ugly, especially when kids are involved. That should be a clear red flag to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg simply ignored our request to interview her on camera. Spokesman Dane Schiller told us what we already knew – “Grand jury proceedings are secret.”

“Don’t need a civics lesson from Mr. Schiller. But it looks like the grand jury just rubberstamped this indictment. We have been told there wasn’t a single witness called. None of the videos looked at. Megan Long was busy that day and just spent minutes before the grand jury,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “I want child molesters busted too, but no one should be indicted until the grand jury takes the time to look at all the evidence. That didn’t happen in this case. That’s not justice.”

Molzan wants the District Attorney to better investigate this case and dismiss it before any further damage is done to his reputation. We have evidence the grand jury should have taken the time to look at. Wouldn’t they want to be treated the same way?