Lanier Parents Want Jolanda Jones to Apologize to Middle School Students

Margaret Downing of the Houston Press reports about a group of upset Lanier Middle School parents who want an apology from an HISD trustee and reality TV star:

A group of parents and others connected to Lanier Middle School want Houston ISD trustee and reality TV star Jolanda Jones to come to their school and apologize to all the kids there.

They held a mid-day press conference Monday outside the school and took turns expressing their displeasure with Jones, who they say went into a rant belittling the Lanier students who came to the February school board meeting to argue against changing the name of the school from Sidney Lanier, a Confederate soldier who went on to become a respected poet. READ MORE

1:30 PM 
2600 Woodhead


Parents of Lanier Middle School will hold a news conference Monday, April 25th, 2016 in front of the school to release previously secret documents all HISD voters should see.

In February, at a public school board meeting, Houston School Board Member Jolanda Jones accused the young children at Lanier Middle School of “bullying” other students who wanted to change the name of the school, named in the 1920’s for a famed Southern Author. 

Jones specifically claimed she received e-mails detailing the egregious conduct. Video of her tirade was recorded.

Lanier parents have a message for Ms. Jones. We now have every e-mail you received and now all Houstonians will know the truth.

The news conference will be held at 1:30 pm, Monday at 2600 Woodhead, Houston, Texas 77098. Copies of all Jones sent and received e-mails involving Lanier will be available

You may see the video clip of Ms. Jones February 2011 public attack on the children of HISD on Facebook at Lanier Watchdog, twitter @lanierwatchdog, and Instagram Lanier Watchdog.

Parents have set up a GoFundMe Account called Leave it Lanier, and ask the community to join them in stopping this injustice.

lanier watchdog

There is a growing community revolt to HISD’s plans to rename Sidney Lanier Middle School,

Thursday night at the Houston School Board Meeting parents will announce their campaign to save the legacy of the Civil War Era Poet. The public session begins at 5:00 PM at HISD headquarters.

“What they are doing to this man’s name is a miscarriage of justice,” says parent Adrienne Murry. “We have just begun to fight. Enough is enough!” Murry’s 7TH grade daughter attends Lanier. So did her grandmother. It is a family tradition.”

HISD plans to rename a number of schools because of their purported links to the confederacy and slavery. Lanier parents say the Poet should never have been included in this historical purging and should be removed. A school renaming committee will make recommendations next month. Parents call on the committee to vote for the same name.

History matters. Sidney Lanier owned no slaves, and joined the Civil War as a teenager to fight alongside his brother. His poems preached love and reconciliation, and while they sometimes reflected the culture of the South in the 1860’s that is what artists do.

“When I heard school board members insult our children for fighting for their school and the legacy of a good man, I knew this had gone too far”, says parent Chrysi Polydoros. “What kind of hateful message are they sending?”

The Lanier Watchdogs have set up a Go Fund Me account for contributions for their fight “Leave it Lanier.” Follow their fight on Facebook, Lanier Watchdog and on twitter @lanierwatchdog and Instagram Lanier Watchdog.

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