A funny thing happens when you start investigating the folks who get appointed in Harris County Family court cases. They seem to give a lot of campaign money to the Judges who appoint them.

Let’s look at the controversial Menger divorce case in Judge Lisa Millard’s court. Menger was ousted as CEO of the Houston Based Petro Valve company. Millard appointed attorney Jeffrey Uzick to serve as a discovery master and special master in the Menger divorce. In Texas, masters can resolve disputes instead of the Judge.

Before Millard was elected , Uzick had represented clients in the court only eight times in eleven years during In the twenty-two years Millard has been sitting on the bench in the 310 th District Court, Uzick has appeared in a case before the 310 th approximately 194 times.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, or the search for good justice, but Uzick and his law firm have been one of Judge Millard’s biggest political contributors. Since 2005 Uzick and his law firm
have donated $21,000 to Judge Millard’s campaigns.


Uzick saw no connection and reason to even comment. No surprise there. Judge Millard didn’t return phone calls for comment either.

Here is a piece of great non-lawyer advice. Next time you go court, take a look at the campaign records of the Judge. See how much the lawyers on the other side of the case have given.’’

There is a growing number of complaints to the State Bar of Texas these days in high stakes, big money Houston divorce cases.  Lots of folks complaining about lawyer and Judge misconduct.

The latest may be in the contentious divorce between Sherry and Marek Menger. Marek Menger was forced out as President of the company Petro-Valve Inc., on allegations he was treating the company as his “personal piggy” bank.

Sherry Menger has now filed grievances with the State Bar of Texas against two of her husband’s divorce lawyers, Michael Bynane and Carlos Ryerson.   The lawyers have colorful pasts. Bynane has been named in a bulletin called Fraud Alerts International. Ryerson got in trouble for allegedly misusing charity funds.

Dolcefino Consulting has an ongoing investigation into the Harris County Family Court System, lawyers, judges, and the money being made on ugly divorce cases and child custody cases.

We continue to ask for folks who think they have an outrageous legal bill in family court to send them to Dolcefino Consulting.

On the eve of a huge vote by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, there is potentially dangerous new information about the proposed Green Group Dump in Caldwell County.

Dolcefino Consulting has learned Green Group never secured the water they need to control dust and fight fire that plague landfills.

Worse, the company may have misled the State Office of Administration Hearings on their capacity to fully protect health and safety.

Green Group has paraded around a letter from the privately owned, Polonia Water Supply, saying they would accept the dump as a customer if they met their rules.  Green Group says it needs up to 300,000 gallons of water a month, in part to help control dust. 

Unfortunately, the company never formally applied to be a customer. Polonia Water President tells Dolcefino Consulting they might not approve letting their water be used for dust control.

Worse, their water can’t be used to fight fires.  There are 8,300 landfill fires a year, and some have burned for years.

“It will be shocking for the TCEQ to approve a landfill without assurance there will be a water supply to fight fires and control dust” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

“This is a company with a history, and Texas should say, No Thank You.”

Dolcefino Consulting will be on hand Wednesday morning, September 6 when the TCEQ meets, you can watch the permit hearing live at: or at Facebook Live

You can catch up on the troubled history of Green Group at

The Colorado Division of Securities isn’t shy about promoting their alleged success stories cracking down on white collar fraud. Officials in the Department of Regulatory Agency routinely take turns congratulating each other in news releases.

One big problem.   They are grossly exaggerating their financial success for Colorado taxpayers.

Take Securities Commissioner Jerry Rome.

Since he became head of the agency in 2014, he has spent three times more money prosecuting cases than they have really collected for Coloradans.

In October of 2015, the Securities Commissioner was thanked for the $10-million-dollar judgement against John Koral of a company called U.S. Capitol.   The company had filed bankruptcy five years before.  Records provided by the Securities Division shows as of this Spring, investors and taxpayers have never gotten a penny from the court decision. It is not clear what efforts, if any, the Securities Division took to actually get the money back.

“Commissioner Rome should put out the real story.  Are these long investigations paying off for Colorado taxpayers and the investors who really lose money,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of the investigative communications firm in Houston, Texas. “What’s the point of promoting all this money you won, if you never plan to collect it?”

Dolcefino is a former investigative reporter with 30 Emmys, and multiple other investigative awards to his credits. His firm exposes government waste and corruption.

Since 2011, official records of the Colorado Securities Division actually show a truly dismal collection rate from fraud cases.

A spreadsheet provided by the Division of Securities shows the agency won judgements and court orders totaling more than $122 million dollars for investors and Colorado taxpayers. There are dozens of news releases promoting the cases and the victories.

You know how much they have collected in the agency?

A little more than 3 million dollars.

“The legislature should take a hard look at the priorities of the division, and whether getting judgements against people that are long gone and not paying accomplishes anything. It will be interesting to see how many cases they have lost, or if this a game of bragging about money no one will ever see,” says Dolcefino.

This coming year the budget of the Division of Securities is more than 3.5 million dollars.

 Mayor Sylvester Turner may actually be the one we can blame for a $500 million-dollar state of the art environmental facility NOT coming to Houston!

And this is the “green” mayor?

Last fall, Houston was in the final running for a huge 70-million-dollar federal energy grant for a state of art environmental facility at the old Champion Paper property. The CERI (Circular Economy Remanufacturing Institute) facility was to be centered around a planned recycling operation to be run by ECO-HUB, the Houston company which had been negotiating a contract with Houston City Hall.   It is the same company that has now filed corruption complaints with the Houston City Controller, accusing the Mayor of making sure they couldn’t get the cities business.

Last September, Mayor Sylvester Turner signed a letter of support for CERI, and wrote Houston was finalizing their agreement with ECO-HUB. A few weeks later Turner instead announced a new recycling bidding process.   ECO-HUB eventually protested to Houston City Hall and now has taken its complaints about the Mayor public.

When confronted by reporters last week, Mayor Turner claimed the letter from last year doesn’t say it endorses ECO-HUB or its recycling idea, and that, in fact, he never supported the ECO-HUB project. Turner says the letter was meant instead to just help the professor at his alma mater the University of Houston.

Apparently, the folks at CERI thought it was a very clear promise negotiations on the ECO-HUB contract were almost complete. Hard to blame him if you read the letter.

Now, another letter prepared by that very same professor shows Turner was warned that $650 million dollars in bonds for the CERI project would be jeopardized if the City did not sign the contract with ECO-HUB by last Thanksgiving and that it would be nearly impossible to win the DOE grant without the centerpiece of the project being finalized. 

The City of Houston lost out on the DOE grant.

The ECO-HUB project was touted as a way to save Houston taxpayers 25 to 40 million dollars a year by mixing all trash and recyclables in just one bin, cutting the number of needed garbage trucks by two thirds, and ending the need for landfills. The waste would instead be separated and then resold into new products.

That was the idea.

ECO-HUB had been unanimously chosen by a nine-member evaluation committee during the Parker administration after the city won a one-million-dollar grant to pursue the idea. Ending the need for dumps seems like a green friendly idea, but Mayor Turner dumped ECO-HUB instead.

Last week the Mayor picked a European company to recycle Houston’s trash the old-fashioned way starting next year.  The contract won’t save money, it will cost millions. Up until last Spring, Houstonians weren’t charged a penny for recycling.

Now we are beginning to see how much that recycling decision really is costing Houston’s economy, and how much explaining the Mayor should be doing.

We asked Mayor Turner to respond to the letter the professor told CERI partners he had sent him.  City Hall ignored our request for answers, just like they did the bid protest filed by ECOHUB last December.

The investigation of that controversial County Road 79 road deal in Colorado County is exposing new potential conflicts of interest.

Dolcefino Consulting’s investigation has already helped spark a probe by the Texas Rangers of County Judge Ty Prause. He was the swing vote when Colorado County Commissioners moved to take historic private property for a county road.

Landowner Lesley Carey took the Commissioners to court, and now hearing the latest news, has filed new court papers, questioning the Judge’s conduct. Carey hired Dolcefino Consulting to get to the bottom of the road shenanigans. While searching real estate records, we uncovered another land deal that deserves some ‘splaining.

In June of 2014, Colorado County Commissioner Doug Wessels bought some property near the coast in Matagorda, Texas. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but the seller was John Faltisek, owner of Faltisek paving, who gets lots of business from Colorado County. Three months before the real estate deal with Wessels family, Faltisek got a lucrative county contract. Over the next 2 and a half years, Faltisek was awarded more paving contracts worth three quarters of a million dollars.
Wessels wouldn’t tell us how much he paid for the property, except that it was more than the appraised value of $30,000. He also claims the property wasn’t for sale, until he called Faltisek to ask.

Sounds like something a County Commissioner might want to disclose, in public, so folks would know.

Did either John Faltisek or Commissioner Wessels ever reveal their real estate deal to taxpayers?

Nope. Wait, it gets better.

Wessels admits he did wonder about a potential conflict, but got the OK to vote anyway, and not mention it to taxpayers.

We figured Wessels probably asked the County Attorney, after all, that would be the guy elected to answer those questions and, after all, he is also the local District Attorney, you know, the guy who prosecutes ethics violations.

So did Wessels talk to Jay Johannes? Nope. Wessels asked his frequent phone pal Judge Ty Prause for conflict advice. The same guy now under scrutiny for his possible conflicts of interest.

Who knows what will happen to the Rangers probe, but it is safe to say Colorado County Commissioners have some ‘splaining to do.

They should start with a new vote, changing their mind on the road deal that’s now covered with mud.

The Colorado County District Attorney has asked the Texas Rangers to probe the controversial County Road 79 land deal.

The move comes days after Dolcefino Consulting raised questions about the timing of real estate transactions involving the family of County Judge Ty Prause.

By now the details of this fight near Eagle Lake are becoming well known. Groups representing half a million Texans are on the side of a landowner fighting the takeover of an abandoned trail on her property for a needless extension of County Road 79.

It appears the main beneficiary of the road deal is Alleyton Resources, a big player in those parts.

That’s why the real estate transactions are raising questions.

In July of 2013, after Colorado County adopted a new road map for the county, Schindler Land and Cattle sold 77 acres worth about $600,000 to Darcy Todd Barten, former President of Alleyton. Schindler is a limited partnership of the Prause family. Prause voted on the 79 Road Deal, and never mentioned the prior real estate deal.

The timing of another real estate transaction is also being questioned by landowner Leslie Matthews Carey, who is waging a legal battle with the county over the road deal.

Matthews sued Waller County on February 9th of 2015. Records show Judge Prause offered to change his vote but then changed his mind days later. On February 24th, just days later, the Judge’s mom sold her home to Darmore, an investment company owned by Darcy Todd Barten.

The judge says the transactions have nothing to do with the 79 Road deal and that’s why phone records are important. The Judge says he couldn’t provide us phone records around the time without a subpoena for ATT.

That is one of the reasons the District Attorney is asking for an investigation.

And it is not the only real estate deal involving Colorado County officials that deserve scrutiny. Stay tuned.

Christine Curtis drove all the way from Fountain Valley to bring her three youngest to the Children’s Dental Group clinic in Anaheim.

Before the traumatic visit was over, Curtis says dentists performed up to 11 baby root canals on all her children, all while they were strapped down with Velcro to a chair, sedated with a “chocolate drink.” Taxpayers got the bill for the expensive dental work.

Curtis now believes the work was totally unnecessary. She is one of a growing number of California patients turning to famed Texas dental abuse attorney Jim Moriarty for help in the wake of the infection scandal.

“The assembly line dentistry uncovered at Children’s Dental Group smacks of Medicaid fraud,” says Moriarty. “A full state and federal investigation is owed to U.S. taxpayers. I believe Children’s Dental is over treating these children to make a buck, using higher cost stainless steel crowns, and falsifying the need for baby root canals to increase the cost of taxpayers.”

Moriarty believes the widespread infections of Children’s Dental Group patients is a symptom of the widespread malfeasance of this corporate dentistry.

“I believe the infection outbreak in California could lead to proving Children’s Dental Group is systematically abusing children.”

Moriarty was a legal architect behind the groundbreaking lawsuit against the Small Smiles Dental chain, and now represents the family of 4-year old Neveah Hall, the little girl left severely brain damaged by a bad dentist.

For more information please contact Wayne Dolcefino, President of the Investigative Communications firm Dolcefino Consulting.

E-mail is or 713-360-6911.

Affirmative Action was meant to re-dress past and present discrimination… to make sure government contracts were shared with folks who were historically shut out, disadvantaged.

Today, government agencies fall all over themselves to boast about just how much of their government contracts are shared with disadvantaged businesses.

Uptown has three separate government entities, even though they seem to act like one. But they brag about their Affirmative Action Numbers.

So to help their publicity, we thought we would identify the champion of their affirmative action program to help the disadvantaged or discriminated business.

The Gunda Corporation.

They are the company that’s running that plan to tear up Post Oak Blvd for dedicated bus lanes. You know the one that some Uptown officials will make millions from while destroying the private businesses along Post Oak.

We asked Uptown for their MWDBE/SBE expenditures… and lo and behold! Gunda Corporation is the big winner. They’ve been awarded $4.4 million dollars in Uptown contracts during the last three fiscal years. And there’s a lot more coming before the Post Oak disaster is finished.

We won’t tell you where he lives, but we will show you how the President of the Gunda Corporation, Ramesh Gunda lives, so you can see the results of discrimination for yourselves, the results of being shut out of business all these years. Inequities that folks in Uptown are trying to cure.

It’s a million- dollar home that’s about 6,000 square feet. Now that’s affirmative action.