The summer is over. The kids are back at school, and it’s time for you to take a break. Ladies, now is your chance to attend the social event of the season.

Prime Social, the premiere Houston poker destination, is giving free poker lessons this Wednesday. Free brunch and drinks will also be provided.

Dealers from the club will teach you how to bet and play Texas Hold ‘Em. You’ll learn what winning hands are while sipping mimosas.

Prime Social is the fastest growing private poker room in the nation. We offer games of Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha Hold ‘Em in a luxurious setting with a full menu, and fully stocked bar.

The ladies brunch and lessons begin at 11am Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

We invite you to bring your friends, or make some new ones at our event! We’ll be waiving our usual membership fee for anyone who wants to stay and play some real poker after.

Date: 11 am, Wednesday September 12
Location: Prime Social Poker Club,

7801 Westheimer Road Houston, Texas 77063

It’s time to shuffle the cards and place your bets for Houston firefighters.

Saturday, Houston’s premiere private poker club, Prime Social is hosting a charity poker tournament to benefit the group Firefighters Helping Firefighters.

FHF provides assistance and financial support for sick or injured firefighters as well as the families of fallen heroes.

“We’re honored that our members want to play poker for such a worthy cause,” says Dean Maddox of Prime Social. “This is just the beginning. We want to show our Houston heroes that we honor their hard work.”

Registration is open now for the charity freeze-out tournament which begins at High Noon this Saturday, August 25, 2018 at 7801 Westheimer.

Prime Social will make a $100 donation to Firefighters Helping Firefighters for each entry, up to $5,000.

The poker club is planning a similar charity fundraiser this year for Houston Police as part of its commitment to give back to the City of Houston.

Prime Social is a members only private poker room in Houston, offering an upscale menu, fully-stocked bar, and free valet parking.

Media is welcome to attend.

Houston firefighters are being dealt some much-needed financial support for the sacrifices they make for us every single day.

On August 25th, Houston’s premiere poker playing private club will hold a special tournament to help raise money for sick, injured and fallen firefighters and their families.

“We are honored to play some poker and raise money for a charity that cares for our firefighters all at the same time’, says Dean Maddox of Prime Social. “This is just the beginning of our contributions back to a City we all love. We want to show our Houston heroes that we honor their hard work.”

The charity freeze-out tournament at Prime Social at 7801 Westheimer will include a $100 donation to Firefighters Helping Firefighters for each entry, up to $5,000. The tournament begins at high noon on August 25th, 2018.

Prime Social plans a similar charity fundraiser soon for Houston police, part of a commitment from Houston’s new private club poker hot spot to give back.

Let’s deal some winning hands for Houston firefighters!

State District Judge Michael Landrum said no when Post Oak Poker Club tried to get him to close us down, denying a request Thursday for a temporary injunction.

Prime Social Attorney Steve Grossman argued Post Oak just wants to get rid of the competition.

“We believe that this was a competitor who was trying to use the court system to try to shut us down, so they wouldn’t have the competition from somebody who’s doing a very good job,” says Grossman.

The lawsuit by Post Oak Social had complained they are losing employees, kitchen staff, and more than 100 poker players to Prime Social, quickly becoming a private club hot spot on Westheimer for poker, sports and food. Post Oak even complained attractive women had come into their club and convinced poker players it was more fun at Prime Social.

Post Oak has a license to operating random gaming machines at their place and tried to convince the Judge Prime Social should be closed because they don’t have that license, even though we do have plenty of tables to play our favorite game. The city of Houston hasn’t told any of the dozens of poker clubs opened around town they even need a license.

“We appreciate the Judge’s ruling and we work hard every day to make Prime Social a great place to legally play poker, watch sports and enjoy a great new entertainment venue for Houstonians,” says Dean Maddox of Prime Social.

Attorneys for Prime Social Poker club have a date in court Thursday afternoon.

The founder of the Post Oak Poker Club are suing us, and when you hear why, you might start calling this ‘the sore loser’ case.

A lot of the folks who used to play at Post Oak have now taken their chips to our place at 7801 Westheimer and Post Oak isn’t happy.

The lawsuit details our alleged conspiracy to “hire attractive women who have convinced players at Post Oak to switch their membership to Prime Social. Post Oak admits they have lost 100 players.

Prime Social admits it likes to have employees who are attractive inside and out.

Post Oak has also lost poker dealers, and even some of their kitchen staff.

“You can’t just sue your competition because they’re providing better service,” says Prime Social founder Dean Maddox, “We do not apologize for having a safe, fun place to play poker, watch sports and have great food and drinks.”

Post Oak founder Daniel Kebort also complains Prime Social doesn’t have a game room permit. One problem, the game room permit is for 8-liners and that’s not we do. We play poker on tables.

Prime Social makes playing your favorite game really simple.

Folks join our private club, pay a small entrance fee and then rent a seat at a poker table. We do not take a dime out of the pot, which means Houstonians don’t have to go to dangerous smoke-filled back rooms to play poker where the players get cheated by the dealer.

The poker war hearing is set for Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 2 pm in Judge Michael Landrum’s 113th District Court.

Prime Social and our attorneys will be available for interviews after the hearing.

“We have made it clear we will run our private poker club by the book,” says Maddox. “We love that we are becoming a great social destination. It is sad that Post Oak is choosing to use the court system instead of just making their own poker room worth playing at.”


Prime Social has become Houston’s poker hot spot, and it looks like the folks at Post Oak Poker Club are jealous.

But is jealousy the basis of a lawsuit?

Post Oak wants State District Judge Michael Landrum to close Prime Social down, in part because they have hired “attractive women to convince players at Post Oak to switch their membership to Prime Social.”

Post Oak admits in their petition the facts are not fully developed.

How sinister. Post Oak claims they have lost 100 poker players and a lot of their kitchen staff too.

“If the allegation is that we hire attractive women and have better food and a great place for folks to enjoy their favorite game, then I confess,” says Prime Social founder Dean Maddox.

Post Oak also complains Prime Social doesn’t have a game room permit. That may because the City of Houston doesn’t require a permit for a private poker club, and a poker table is not an 8-liner machine.

“The last time I checked this was America”, says Maddox. People have a right to spend their time at places they enjoy being at. Obviously, poker players have made the decision they like coming to Prime Social to play poker, eat great food, watch sports on TV. Sounds like Post Oak is just jealous.”

Prime Social is located at 7801 Westheimer.

The private club doesn’t take a penny from the poker games, just charges private club member of 10 dollars, a small admission fee, and then rents a seat at the poker game of your choice.

Prime Social is available for interviews.

Please call Dolcefino Consulting to arrange.