An historic Texas family now has half a million new allies in the growing battle to stop the illegal takeover of a tiny private trail by the Colorado County Commissioners Court.

The Texas Farm Bureau, Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Texas Wildlife Association, Exotic Wildlife Association, Texas Forestry Association and South Texans’ Property Rights Association filed legal papers urging the Texas Supreme Court to step in and stop the politicians and their friends.

For eighteen months, John Matthews and his daughter Lesley Carey have been battling the politicians, even though there is proof lawmakers broke a promise made to land owners back in 1953. That was the year the Colorado County Commissioners deeded what used to be known as Washington’s Ferry Road to the private owners of the land, including the Matthews, who have owned the land since before the battle of the Alamo.

There’s a lot of history to fight for. Washington’s Ferry Road is less than ten feet across, but was used by George Washington’s nephew to ferry goods, and then used by Santa Ana on the fateful march to defeat.

In other words, it is land worth fighting for, especially in Texas.

The unfolding story is a warning to people in rural counties across Texas.

In 2012, Colorado County took advantage of a new state law to make a map of county roads, including Farm Road 79, which dead ends into the trail before the Colorado River.

The County was required to put a notice in the paper… you know the ones nobody ever sees… then put a vague notice included in tax bills, and then give folks two years to protest.

That is the first-place Colorado County plainly fibbed.

The public notice was for roads maintained by the county since 1981. Anyone who looks at the massive trees and brush on Washington Ferry Road can see that clearly didn’t happen here. That’s why the Matthews Family never saw the land grab coming.

The county ignored the no trespassing signs and starting digging a trail anyway, and John Matthews filed suit on February 9, 2015.

So far the Colorado County has won based on technical grounds, not because they told the truth in the first place. With this law, now the Matthews Family has the burden of proof, even though County Judge Ty Prause knew darn well what the old deed said.

And that’s why the Matthews Family hired Dolcefino Consulting to investigate. You see, this is not really about a tiny abandoned trail. It is about the effort to connect a road and expensive utility lines for a politically connected gravel pit, which was owned and now sold by Alleyton Resources.

Dolcefino Consulting now has e-mails, phone records, and real estate records which raise questions of possible conflicts of interest.

“Colorado County has fought so hard from us getting to the truth. They knew they were wrong from the very beginning. Now private property groups will make Colorado County a poster child in how not to treat hard working property owners,” says Lesley Carey.

Stay tuned.




The bodies of Jimmy Moriarty and his two buddies arrived in the U.S. Tuesday afternoon. His father described it as a moving ceremony.

Video of the ceremony is not yet available; however, Dolcefino Consulting is efforting copies.

Jim Moriarty Sr. and his family will be attending a Veterans Luncheon at the Sugar Land Rotary Club on Wednesday at the Sweetwater Country Club. Jim Moriarty will be speaking to the group.

We now have additional information about the events leading to the murder of the 3 American Soldiers. The incident left one Jordanian soldier injured because of return fire from the lone survivor of the four-man convoy.

It appears now that the three-vehicle convoy was essentially trapped between two base barriers, then confronted by a Jordanian soldier. The Jordanian was armed with an AK-47 and the American’s carried only their Glock pistols, and were not wearing body armor. They were returning to the King Faisal Air Force Base where they lived.

The Jordanian guard ignored the U.S. soldier’s assurances and opened fire, killing two instantly. Jimmy Moriarty was subsequently shot three times and killed at a range of ten feet. The lone survivor returned fire and wounded the Jordanian soldier.

The family is extremely upset that the Jordanian Government has not dealt with this, but I am told that the FBI is investigating and the Moriarty family has been told the Jordanian guard is in custody.

Mr. Moriarty will be addressing his son at Wednesday’s speech. The media is invited.

There will be events on Friday, Veterans Day, and Saturday honoring Jimmy Moriarty. His body will not be coming to Houston and will instead be sent to Arlington National Cemetery for funeral preparations.

Honor Our Veterans Luncheon
Sweetwater Country Club, 4400 Palm Royale Blvd. Sugar Land, TX 77479
Wednesday, November 9, 2016 – 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Jim Moriarty is a Houston hero.

At just 27 years of age, this awesome graduate of Strake Jesuit High School and Annunciation Orthodox schools here in Houston had already served three tours of duty in Jordan as a member of the U.S. Special Forces.

Friday morning, Jim was one of three U.S. Serviceman killed as they entered the King Faisal Air Force base near Al Jafr. The troops were in Jordan as part of an ongoing effort to upgrade the Jordanian military to fight terrorism.

“That devastating knock on the door came Friday night at 9:00 p.m. last night”, says Wayne Dolcefino, the spokesman for the Moriarty family. “My friend Jim is heartbroken at the death of his only son, who had followed in his father’s service to the country.”

Houston Attorney James “Jim” Moriarty was a hero of the Vietnam war. His love for his son and his service was endless.

“This is a young man who loved serving in the army, was where he wanted to be, doing what he wanted to do. He was the most heartwarming, friendly kid you ever met. I am devastated, heartbroken,” says Jim Moriarty.

The Jordanian military is now saying the shootings were an accident, but the Moriarty family is demanding answers, and fear this was an ambush.

Jimmy Moriarty, or Jimbo, his family nickname, was stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky after graduating from the University of Texas in Austin with a B.B.A. in Economics. He was due to come back to the United States in just two weeks, after a job well done helping our friends protect America.

On Facebook, his father has been sharing pictures and memories. “I was simply in awe of Jimmy’s charm. He could walk into a room with 20 strangers and within 5 minutes have 20 best friends,” says Jim Moriarty. “There will not be a day for the rest of my life where I do not grieve for his loss. And I am just one of thousands of parents who suffer the same loss.”

Jim Moriarty says his son will be brought back to Houston for a memorial service. The details are being worked out. Jimmy Moriarty will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, the final resting place for so many of our fallen heroes.


In her final television ad of the 2016 Campaign, Kim Ogg shares a deeply personal story. Kim’s own mother was kidnapped by a rapist in the early 1960’s, surviving only because she jumped out of a moving car to save her own life.

“That attack left terrible scars on my mother that she carried her entire life. Advocating for fair and compassionate treatment of other crime victims has been my life’s work,” says Ogg.

Ogg says it is why the jailing of a rape victim by Devon Anderson has defined the 2016 campaign for top prosecutor.

“Devon Anderson has jailed rape victims before, and she has said she would do it again. That’s bad public policy that discourages survivors from reporting sex crimes to police. In contrast, I have vowed never to jail rape victims. This issue gives the public a clear choice about the kind of leadership in criminal justice they want.”

Ogg wants Anderson to release emails between her prosecutors and key management figures. The victim’s mother and has vowed to hold those responsible, accountable. Anderson has refused to release the records, instead issuing statements and recently blaming the victim’s mother.

“This election is about judgment and it is my strong belief that we will be safer when we treat crime victims with respect and handle evidence competently rather than jailing victims for ‘safekeeping,’ a term recently used by Devon Anderson in explaining the indefensible.”

Ogg’s ad asks for the public’s support to help her continue her life’s work as Harris County’s next District Attorney. Ogg, a recipient of many awards for crime victims’ advocacy over the years, says about both ad and election:

“It’s personal.”


Go to the website of the Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith ( and you will see a proclamation that in Waller County, Second Amendment rights are protected.

They should be, but the Second Amendment doesn’t include the right to be “extremely careless” with your guns, especially when you are the Sheriff.

So, now I am going to bury the lead.

Remember Dolcefino Consulting told you last December that Sheriff Smith reported eight weapons assigned to him, including a machine gun, had been stolen from his marked truck, all while he was inside the Saltgrass Steakhouse on a Saturday.

Waller Counties top lawman didn’t call the cops in Harris County to warn them a machine gun was on the loose. Sheriff Smith didn’t walk a few feet back into the restaurant to warn patrons and county officials.

Instead, he drove all the way back to Hempstead to file the police report there in his own office.

The timing was suspicious. In the heat of the campaign, there had suddenly been allegations weapons in Smith’s inventory might be unaccounted for. We were going to ask to see the records the following Monday, then the big Saturday caper unfolded.

Maybe it was just a case of horrible timing.

A month later Dolcefino Consulting had audited the weapons inventory and found receipts for guns we couldn’t find. There were tons of questions. We told the County Auditor and the District Attorney there was a problem. They did nothing.


More weapons are now missing. Really? Really.

This time they apparently disappeared from inside the Sheriff’s Office. An inside job. Two weapons are missing.

That makes at least ten weapons that Sheriff Smith has let slip through his fingers.

What’s worse is that the District Attorney says the County Auditor had finally started the audit. So, did the guns disappear right before the receipts were matched up?

If this keeps up, the Sheriff will get a new nickname in town. 


Tonight, Waller County Commissioner John Amsler is the first to call for an outside investigation of the Sheriff’s guns.

Of course, they better hurry, cuz them guns keep turning up missing.


Devon Anderson’s office jailed a fragile rape victim for 27 days. Now Ms. Anderson and her supporters are attacking the victim’s mom for trying to bring justice back to the District Attorney’s Office.

Enough is Enough.

“When I am District Attorney the prosecutors who lied to Jenny and her mom will be held accountable”, says Kim Ogg. “We don’t jail rape victims to make them talk. EVER.”

“Prosecutors who engaged in civil rights violations in this case, or others, have no place in the District Attorney’s Office.”

That is why is it sad that Devon Anderson’s Attorney Friend and Campaign Supporter Rusty Hardin has tried to change the subject, releasing selective e-mails in a thinly veiled assault on the victim’s mother.

“This is exactly why Devon Anderson should release all internal e-mails about this horror story TODAY”, says Ogg.” Anderson’s office has tried to keep the e-mails a secret. Why?”

E-mails now obtained from Jenny’s attorney reveal evidence the District Attorney’s Office lied to her mother. They promised Jenny would be supported every step of the way by a victim’s advocate. Attorney Sean Buckley says that never happened.

“Devon Anderson jails rape victims, hides destroyed evidence and jails people who may be innocent. Devon Anderson ignores civil rights violations and misconduct. When I am District Attorney the message will be clear. Justice will be served. This election is about judgement, and justice.”

Jailing a rape victim will make other sexual assault victims afraid to come forward.

That makes us less safe.

Safety. Equal Justice. Fairness. We don’t jail rape victims. Period.


Here are some of the e-mails Devon Anderson wants to keep secret. They were provided by Jenny’s Attorney Sean Buckley.

Dec 20 th , 2015

Jenny’s mom discovered she was put in jail, not a psychiatric facility as promised by prosecutors.

Let us quote her “This is really unacceptable for a victim of rape to be put her in jail”. That is EXACTLY what Jenny’s mom says in her television ad.

On Dec 23th …” she is being held as a prisoner… she is a caged animal ready to explode.”

On Dec 26 th Jenny’s mom discovers her mentally ill daughter is not only in jail, but in the general population with suspected violent criminals. Jenny’s mom is sick from cancer and pleading from afar.

“She has a black eye… this needs to be fixed ASAP’.”

Devon Anderson is on the e-mail chain but the address is wrong.

December 28 th , Jenny’s mom demands Devon Anderson’s e-mail after trying to call her.

“She is not a criminal. She has a black eye and is not stable on her meds… This all violates Jenny’s victim rights. If someone hurts Jenny in jail, your office will have
bigger issues.”

Christine Curtis drove all the way from Fountain Valley to bring her three youngest to the Children’s Dental Group clinic in Anaheim.

Before the traumatic visit was over, Curtis says dentists performed up to 11 baby root canals on all her children, all while they were strapped down with Velcro to a chair, sedated with a “chocolate drink.” Taxpayers got the bill for the expensive dental work.

Curtis now believes the work was totally unnecessary. She is one of a growing number of California patients turning to famed Texas dental abuse attorney Jim Moriarty for help in the wake of the infection scandal.

“The assembly line dentistry uncovered at Children’s Dental Group smacks of Medicaid fraud,” says Moriarty. “A full state and federal investigation is owed to U.S. taxpayers. I believe Children’s Dental is over treating these children to make a buck, using higher cost stainless steel crowns, and falsifying the need for baby root canals to increase the cost of taxpayers.”

Moriarty believes the widespread infections of Children’s Dental Group patients is a symptom of the widespread malfeasance of this corporate dentistry.

“I believe the infection outbreak in California could lead to proving Children’s Dental Group is systematically abusing children.”

Moriarty was a legal architect behind the groundbreaking lawsuit against the Small Smiles Dental chain, and now represents the family of 4-year old Neveah Hall, the little girl left severely brain damaged by a bad dentist.

For more information please contact Wayne Dolcefino, President of the Investigative Communications firm Dolcefino Consulting.

E-mail is or 713-360-6911.

The Texas lawyer fighting dental abuse across the country wants a state and federal investigation into the growing infection scandal at Children’s Dental Group.

In a letter to Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer, Jim Moriarty detailed the public health disaster unfolding in California and warned the infection outbreak from dirty dental water is a red flag of a far bigger scandal.

“The assembly line dentistry uncovered at Children’s Dental Group smacks of Medicaid fraud”, says Moriarty. “A full audit is essential. I believe Childrens’ Dental is over treating these children to make a buck, using higher cost stainless steel crowns, falsifying the need for baby root canals to increase the cost of taxpayers.”

Moriarty was the legal architect behind the groundbreaking lawsuit against the Small Smiles dental chain and now represents the family of 4-year old Neveah Hall, the little girl left brain damaged by a bad dentist.

Victims of the California tragedy are now reaching out to Moriarty for advice.

“Children’s Dental Group presents the most compelling example of the kinds of tragic consequences that happen as a direct result of dental misconduct” says Moriarty.

If you don’t want to see a 17-story tall tower of smelly, nasty garbage rising along a beautiful stretch of Highway 6 near Hempstead, now is your chance to say NO.

The Texas Commissioner on Environmental Quality will hold a public hearing Tuesday night on the proposed Pintail garbage dump. If you are wondering why this hearing is even happening, the answer is simple.

Apparently holding secret meetings with government officials, throwing away critical evidence, and getting the engineering wrong doesn’t mean much to the Texas Government bureaucrats paid to protect communities from bad landfills.

Green Group was accused of doing all of those things and more, and their first application for a garbage dump on Highway 6 was strongly rejected. That also doesn’t seem to matter in Texas.

Green Group got to submit another landfill application, even though both the City of Hempstead and Waller County have landfill ordinances in place that make it impossible to put the garbage dump there.

The Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead has spent more than 1 million dollars fighting the dump. The city of Hempstead has spent hundreds of thousands more. The TCEQ knows Green Group didn’t play by the rules.

So what message is Governor Abbott sending to the Citizens of Waller County?

Struggle to spend your life savings to fight an unwanted garbage dump that threatens the environment of a beautiful county. Expose political corruption. Secret meetings. Prove the landfill will damage the water supply.

Do all that and be told none of that mattered.

That is wrong. The TCEQ should have the guts to say to Green Group, sorry, but you’ve lost your chance. We are teaching the good people in Waller County that all that matters are having former TCEQ Officials on the payroll, have friends in high places. Follow the fight on

And give the TCEQ a piece of your mind. 7 pm. Hempstead High School, 801 Donoho Street


The new University of Houston poll shows Harris County voters want Kim Ogg to be the next Harris County District Attorney.

The poll shows incumbent Devon Anderson down by 7 points, with just a few weeks to go before this important election.

The latest poll is proof that Harris County voters want change, starting with a new District Attorney who will keep their families safe. They want a District Attorney who fights for fair and equal justice, and spends their tax dollars fighting violent criminals. They want a District Attorney who will end the abhorrent practice of jailing rape victims.”

“While I am encouraged and grateful to learn that our support is growing in neighborhoods all across the Houston area, real change can only be accomplished if you vote.”

Safety. Fairness. Equal Justice. The time has come.