wd40Executives of IQ Products Company will have press availability with the Houston media at 11:00 am Friday morning, December 18th, following their public accusations of a potentially dangerous defect in the millions of aerosol cans of WD-40 now on store shelves.

IQ Products Company packaged WD-40 for decades and has refused to ship 1.5 million cans of the popular consumer product, citing the consumer danger. The cans are stored in the company warehouse and will be available to the news media.

In recent weeks, the company has launched a federal lawsuit against the Department of Transportation, claiming federal bureaucrats are inept and corrupt for not agreeing to warn consumers. IQ has also filed suit against the makers of WD-40. The company will announce a new website www.wd40fraud.com where documents detailing their engineering and scientific concerns about WD-40 will be posted.

WHAT: Media Availability
WHEN: 11:00 am, December 18, 2015
WHERE: IQ Products Company, 16212 State Highway 249
Houston, TX 77086-1014
Google Map link to Location: https://goo.gl/maps/ULFUgqKcyFo