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“Mayor Parker and her friends are trying to scare you. HERO supporters are trying to bully Houstonians into believing that standing up for public safety will jeopardize the Super Bowl.

I will never play politics with your public safety. I am the only candidate for Mayor that has fought this bad law from the beginning. I will protect the women and children of this city. Men will not be allowed in their bathrooms or showers. Never!

This week, a group opposing Proposition 1 released a commercial showing a danger the present HERO ordinance can expose women and children to in public bathrooms. We can do better, without endangering the public.

Vote No to Prop 1, and Vote Yes for Ben Hall for Mayor!

No compromise. No waffling. No men in women’s bathrooms.”


Rolan Roberson is the latest pastor to accuse Sylvester Turner of falsifying his support. The President of the Northeast Ministerial Alliance is just the latest name being added to a growing list.

Last week, Pastor Ricky Bell of Forest Lawn Missionary Baptist Church, and Pastor Walter August of Bethel Family Church spoke out against Sly’s claim of their endorsements.

The growing list of church pastors coming forward to challenge Mr. Turner comes amidst the coalescing of the faith community around Ben Hall. Last night, the Children of God in Christ, which represents 217 churches, announced their endorsement of Ben Hall.

“These are great churches representing 35,000 Houston voters,” says Hall. “There is a growing momentum to bring morals and common sense back to our city.”

Sylvester Turner is an advocate of the bathroom ordinance that will let men use women’s restrooms. He has been endorsed by the same Gay Caucus that endorsed Mayor Annise Parker. Those policies have divided this city and led to an attack on church sermons.

Ben Hall has opposed the bathroom ordinance from day one, and has garnered the support of more than 2,000 pastors and churches.

“Mr. Turner is desperate to stop the growing movement of the religious community away from his campaign, and he owes these pastors and their congregations an apology.”

Luckily there are only two District Judges in Chambers County. We have already made one of them angry, so let’s make it unanimous.

Today that other Judge in Chambers County has stopped the State from moving oysters in a wide section of Galveston Bay to safer waters.  Judge Chap Cain signed an order extending a temporary restraining order against the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, even though Judge Randy McDonald signed an order just the other day, sending the case to Travis County.  Of course, Judge McDonald wasn’t at work today, so enter Judge Cain.

Wonder if they talk? 

If you have your Galveston Bay Oyster scorecards ready, let’s recap.

The State had given oyster producers just two days in early October to transfer oysters to safer waters to protect public safety.  Judge McDonald then issued a restraining order to stop the entire process, without even asking the State in advance. A Chambers County company called STORM (Sustainable Texas Oyster Resource Management), run by a local Justice of the Peace and his politically powerful kinfolk, got the order. STORM claims it owns every oyster in 23,000 acres of Galveston Bay after getting a no-bid backroom deal from the unelected bureaucrats on the Chambers-Liberty County Navigation District Board.  The State of Texas has sued both.

After Judge McDonald’s ruling, Dolcefino Consulting expressed concern that “home cooking” in the Chambers County Courthouse was casting a shadow on this legal fight.  Diplomacy is our strong suit and we made another friend. Judge McDonald took exception with a long speech on the independence of the Chambers County Judiciary, but transferred the case back to Travis County anyway, along with the news release from Dolcefino Consulting, “The smelly deal” one.

His decision meant the state could go ahead and allow oyster companies to protect the crop.  The big transplant was on again, and was going to happen tomorrow, but today STORM found the other Judge in Chambers County to put the restraining order back on, claiming Texas Parks and Wildlife issued permits to transplant this morning, before the original restraining order was set to expire at the end of today. I know, silly, but good enough in Chambers County.

So, no oysters can be moved until after the next hearing on October 19, 2015.  That means they likely won’t be safe to eat by November 1st, when the public oyster season begins.

Luckily there are only two Judges in Chambers County!


The Houston Chronicle has been no fan of our campaign to bring morals and common sense back to Houston City Hall.

We know why.

Ben Hall has been vocal against the bathroom ordinance from the start. The Chronicle has endorsed Sylvester Turner, a career politician who has gotten rich in office and has vowed to raise taxes.

But the Chron is right about one thing. A tweet from its own reporter Rebecca Elliot says it all. “If @SylvesterTurner makes the runoff, King or Costello would likely be his easiest opponent.”

That is exactly what we have been saying. The only real conservative in this race is Ben Hall. Bill King is a waffling moderate and supporter of sanctuary cities. Stephen Costello is to blame for that ridiculous drainage tax.

With nearly half of Houston voters still undecided about who they will support, it is time for conservative voters to start thinking strategically about who they want to represent them for the next two years.

Bill King and Steve Costello have ZERO support outside the suburbs.

Join a coalition of fiscal conservatives and family value voters across Houston that only Ben Hall can create.

The operators of Children 1st Dental and Surgery Center want the Texas Health Department to investigate how taxpayer money is wasted in Houston area Medicaid payments.

Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center (C1DS) has been providing a safe compassionate alternative, to the barbaric dental procedure of strapping down screaming kids on a papoose board or providing anesthesia so little kids can sleep while even the most extensive dental work is done in a safe surgical setting.

All over the state, predominantly underprivileged kids have a safe alternative that prevents a life trauma or even death. However in the Houston Area, Children 1st says they are being shut out of seeing underprivileged kids by the Texas Children’s Health Plan. This insurance company is forcing kids to drive up to 80 miles to go to Medical Center Hospitals for more expensive procedures.

“This is about money. We do the same exact medical treatment but charge a fraction of what these hospitals are now billing Medicaid,” says Dr. Craig Jacobs of C1DS. “This is unfair to patients and their parents, and this is an outrageous waste of taxpayer money.”

One out of three Houston area children have insurance through the Texas Children’s Health Plan. Hundreds of dentists who want to send their patients to C1DS can’t. The Chief Beneficiary of this insurance game is Texas Children’s Hospital.

“All over the state we have been welcome, except in Houston where just one insurance company corners the Medicaid market,” says Dr. Jacobs. “It is time for the State to protect these children and make it as convenient as possible to get safe treatment.”

Metro confirms it has made payments to at least one of Sylvester Turner’s companies, adding to the growing list of local government agencies Turner has tapped to make money while representing Houston in the State Legislature.

Documents released by the transit agency detail 24 invoices totaling $50,625 over 16 separate months to American Title, Turner’s title company on Louisiana Street.

Last week, Channel 13 questioned $144,000 paid to American Title, part of a real estate deal made possible by the 2012 HISD bond election that Turner helped pass.

The Houston Housing and Community Development Department says American Title handled $3 million dollars in affordable housing funds transactions.

The City of Houston also acknowledges the law firm of Barnes and Turner has been paid about a quarter of a million dollars to handle legal matters on city housing projects.

Turner’s law firm has also been paid more than $800,000 to collect delinquent tickets for the City of Houston Municipal Courts. The firm was also listed on the Linebarger contract with HISD, but new records show the firm isn’t sharing any of the contract with minority firms any longer. Turner has remained silent.

Fox 26 has questioned hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to Turner’s firm from charter schools under investigation by the State of Texas for fraud and safety issues. It is not known if Turner disclosed he was on the payroll when he met with the Education Commissioner. Personal financial disclosures by the State Representative only detail retainers, so the full amount of money made by Turner is a mystery.

“Mr. Turner’s business interests have received millions of dollars from taxpayers, or companies under state regulation while he has been in office,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

In the old days dentists would strap children down in a “papoose” and work on them while they were screaming their heads off. The images are horrible and traumatic. The Texas Dental Board has banned the practice except in rare circumstances.

Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center (C1DS) has been providing a safe compassionate alternative to this barbaric dental procedure, providing anesthesia so little kids can sleep while even the most extensive dental work is done in a safe surgical setting.

Now the doctors at C1DS are going public with allegations one Houston insurance company is putting financial greed before the best interests of children.

Tomorrow at 10:00 am the C1DS medical team will ask the State Health Department to investigate, claiming underprivileged children are the only ones paying the price.

More than 600,000 Houston area children on Medicaid were eligible for insurance through one insurance plan, the Texas Children’s Health Plan. They have denied C1DS the right to see Medicaid patients, forcing some children to travel up to 80 miles to the closest dental surgical center. Dentists who want to send their patients to C1DS can’t. The Chief Beneficiary of this insurance game is Texas Children’s Hospital.

“All over the state we have been welcome, except in Houston where just one insurance company corners the Medicaid market”, says C1DS Dr. Craig Jacobs. “It is time for the State to protect these children and make it as convenient as possible to get safe treatment.”

WHO: Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center Medical Team
WHEN: Tuesday, October 12, 2015 @ 10:00 am
WHERE: 8700 S. Gessner Dr. # 200, Houston, TX 77074

The embattled boss of Cypress Creek EMS says his company doesn’t need the Emergency Service District #11 contract to stay in business, even though that government contract accounts for almost the entire CCEMS budget.

Taxpayers from Tomball to Spring pay about $10 million in taxes for their 911 service. The rest of the money comes from the medical bills resulting from the 911 service.

CCEMS has defied the Texas Attorney General, the Harris County District Attorney and the ESD #11 elected board of directors, refusing to detail who is on the payroll, even though they are paid with taxpayer money.

The ESD Board has threatened to cut off money to CCEMS unless they turn over the records.

At a sworn deposition last week, CCEMS Executive Director Brad England detailed a plan to simply go around the ESD, even though they are responsible for handing out 911 contracts. England suggested he would simply go to the MUD Districts and get them to put a fee on water bills, like they did in the old days before Emergency Service District Boards.

“This guy thinks taxpayers will volunteer to pay twice as much for the same service just cuz,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “The ESD needs to do his job, and show Mr. England who is in charge of 911 service. The CCEMS Board needs to stop the secrecy, because their games could jeopardize the ambulance service of half a million people.”

At the deposition, England claimed CCEMS could always find another territory to run their ambulances, even though all the paramedics are currently paid with taxpayer dollars.

“Mr. England clearly would rather lose the ESD contract than simply tell taxpayers exactly who is on their payroll and show them the records of how he spends their money,” says Dolcefino. “England was more than willing to convince taxpayers to raise taxes to help pay for the ambulance service. The CCEMS Board needs to decide who is more important, Mr. England or half a million taxpayers.”

Sylvester Turner is counting on intimidation to scare the media off so they won’t remind Houstonians why they have rejected his candidacy for Mayor twice.

Houstonians shouldn’t fall for it.

Friday, a Fox 26 reporter questioned the hundreds of thousands of dollars Rep. Turner’s law firm Barnes & Turner, was paid by charter schools accused of fraud, safety violations and abuse. Records show Turner represented these schools before the Texas Education Agency, a state agency whose budget he helped control. It’s all public records and totally fair to question the ethics of a politician who appears to get paid because of his influence. Turner’s firms have made millions from government contracts or from people who depend on taxpayer money. That is just a fact.

Turner’s response to the media: It is the desperate act of a ‘disgraced former reporter.’

So apparently, it’s all my fault.

This week Channel 13 questioned the $144,000 Turner’s title company, American Title, made on a real estate deal made possible by the 2012 bond election. Turner opposed the bond election in 2012 but then suddenly changed his mind and convinced his community to support the bond.

This weekend the group Women for Turner struck back 13’s story, suggesting it may be “another attempt by Mr. Dolcefino to use KTRK to try to smear Rep. Turner on the eve of the election.” Since “Women for Turner” raised the 1991 story on Turner and his roommate let me oblige.

This week is the anniversary of the end of the libel trial for the 1991 story that Sly Turner blames for his defeat the first time he ran.

This past week Texas Monthly labeled the stories as a “smear campaign, a discomfiting set of stories about a nearly incomprehensible insurance scam that was laced with homophobic innuendo.”

What about the truth?

In the heat of the runoff, the married Sylvester Turner was actually sharing a home with a guy, and his wife had signed a sworn affidavit, raising questions about his fitness for office.

If the Women for Turner want to blame me for Sylvester Turner losing the election that’s fine. I would do that story again in a heartbeat. But perhaps the Women for Turner should read what the Texas Court of Appeals wrote in 1998 about their candidate:

“As the runoff election approached Turner began to attract greater scrutiny by the press. Articles in the Houston Newspapers reported a suit against Turner for insurance fraud… Newspapers also reported that Turner had failed to repay student loans to Harvard Law School and the University of Houston, and that Harvard had obtained a default legal judgement against him. Turner also had a history of many other delinquent bills, including the failure to pay State Bar dues… The Houston Post reported a bad check charge… and stated a warrant had been issued for Turner’s arrest at the time.”

I am sure my report about the faked death of a guy named Sylvester Foster didn’t help the Turner campaign. Turner was his lawyer and did legal work to collect insurance money after Foster supposedly drowned in Galveston Bay. Days before the 1991 runoff I got tipped Sylvester Foster was really alive. That probably wouldn’t have gotten on TV.

But when I went to the Turner campaign house I discovered he wasn’t living with his wife, but with a guy named Dwight Thomas. Thomas was the business partner of the guy who faked his death.

Mr. Thomas made quite an impression on Houston viewers. By the time the U.S. Attorney declined to indict anyone in the case, death had claimed key witnesses, including Keith Anderson. He was one of the guys on the boat when Foster did his fake death deal. He swore in a deposition that Turner was a participant in the conspiracy, not just the lawyer. Keith Anderson had nothing to gain. He was dying of AIDS and said he simply wanted to clear his conscience.

None of that mattered. On October 14, 1996 a jury decided they didn’t think the story was true, and from all accounts they didn’t like me either. I yelled a lot on the stand, in part because my mom had died of cancer a few days before I testified. Quite frankly, I resented having to waste my time in court and I still remember my frail bald headed mom shooting the bird at Turner on TV because she knew I was just doing my job.

If more reporters were doing their job today, Houston voters would be better off, and make a wiser choice in November. Don’t let Sly or any other public official intimidate you.

By the way, Sylvester Foster was in prison when I did my story and when I went to trial. Never talked to him in my life, until a few weeks ago.

Don’t be intimidated.

Being right is always worth the fight.

ACOT Turner v Dolcefino

Crosby Letter re Foster Turner and Thomas


When Pastors came forward to say Sylvester Turner falsified their support the Houston Chronicle was silent.

When Houston TV stations exposed his companies made money on the HISD bond deal he supported, the Houston Chronicle was silent.

Surprise, Surprise Sunday the Chronicle endorsed Turner, a 4th term of Mayor Parker’s agenda and the tax increase Turner has promised.

It is time for Houston families and fiscal conservatives come together to fight.

Sylvester Turner is exactly what Houston doesn’t need. He has gotten rich off taxpayers while neglecting the neighborhood he served.

Regardless of you have supported until now, it is time to support the ONLY fiscal conservative who has a chance to beat Sylvester Parker-Turner in a runoff and stop the waste and backroom deals.

King and Costello won’t make it. Only Ben Hall can combine support in the conservative Anglo, African American and Hispanic Communities to stop a tax increase.

The Chronicle remains silent…but now we all know why!