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Houston Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall will hold a news conference today at 2:30 pm to address the false attack by certain elements of the Harris County Republican party.

Instead of attacking the tax raising HERO supporting Sylvester Turner, Adrian Garcia or Chris Bell, elements of the Republican Party chairman put out a blatantly false attack ad on Hall.

While the attack clearly comes because momentum in this campaign, Bell Hall will not take lies lying down.

Ben Hall is the ONLY candidate, Democrat or Republican, who has been opposed to the HERO ordinance from the very beginning, long before the campaign began for Houston Mayor, long before the court put it on the November ballot.

Ben Hall has been crystal clear. He is opposed to discrimination, but he believes the proposed Houston ordinance is intentionally dangerous. Whoever put this nonsense out knows that.

“Men are not going to be allowed in restrooms and showers with our wives and daughters, Period,” says Hall.

The ad also breaks a long tradition of non-partisan Mayoral elections

It is time for the so called Republicans in the race to say they will vote against HERO and refuse to raise taxes.

Republican voters have a real choice in November, but it is not Bill King or Steve Costello. They will not make the runoff. Only Ben Hall has a chance to form a coalition of faith voters and fiscal conservatives to keep compromised career politicians out of office. That is why this false attack has been launched.

530 Lovett Boulevard is the location of the press conference.

uptownbusTomorrow morning, Mayor Parker will preside over the normal Wednesday City Council Meeting.

If she gets her way, Houston taxpayers will be fleeced, authorizing hundreds of millions of dollars to spend in neighborhoods that simply don’t need the money.

On the list is a proposal to approve the yearly contract with the Uptown TIRZ, including a quarter of a billion dollar improvement plan. That is city hall jargon for giving the green light to spending $200 million on a bus project that is not needed, and will destroy the retail on Post Oak that provides the City a huge tax benefit.

Most of the property owners on Post Oak are opposed. The Mayor doesn’t seem to care.

Businessman making millions on this deal are members of the un-elected board doing the deal.

The Mayor doesn’t seem to care.

The Texas Attorney General is about to rule whether it is even legal for Metro to do a bus project on Uptown because of that little vote we took to approve rail on Uptown.

The Mayor doesn’t seem to care.

“The right thing to do is to delay this vote until after the election, so the future council members and Mayor can make these vital spending decisions,” says Jim Scarborough of the Uptown Business and Property Owners Association.

Maybe it is time to start asking real questions about why all these politicians are in such a rush to help their friends and campaign supporters.


Every woman in Harris County should be outraged at the attack on Ben Hall by the Harris County Republican party. So should every member of every congregation from Second Baptist to the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. So should every true fiscal conservative.

Instead of attacking the tax raising HERO supporting Sylvester Turner, Adrian Garcia or Chris Bell, they put out a blatantly false attack ad out on Hall.

Ben Hall is the ONLY candidate, Democrat or Republican, who has been opposed to the HERO ordinance from the very beginning, long before the campaign began for Houston Mayor, long before the court put it on the November ballot.

Ben Hall has been crystal clear. He is opposed to discrimination, but he believes the proposed Houston ordinance is intentionally dangerous. Whoever put this nonsense out knows that.

“Men are not going to be allowed in restrooms and showers with our wives and daughters, Period,” says Hall.

The so called Republicans in the race refuse to say they will vote against HERO. They refuse to rule out higher taxes.

Republican voters do have a real choice in November, but it is not Bill King or Steve Costello. They will not make the runoff. Only Ben Hall has a chance to form a coalition of faith voters and fiscal conservatives to keep compromised career politicians out of office.

That is the choice.

READ IT: Hall Flyer

In recent months, the Fort Bend DA’s office has been accused of prosecutorial misconduct. The District Attorney John Healey has denied other accusations he solicited campaign contributions from the family of a suspect.

Now, Healey’s office is playing games with the Texas Public Information Act and the Texas Attorney General. And Dolcefino Consulting is going to tell Ken Paxton how.

For months, special prosecutors from Healey’s office have tried to keep their closed investigation of the proposed Hempstead landfill a secret. In July, Dolcefino Consulting accused Healey’s office of stonewalling the truth.

Now here’s the real question. Are the prosecutors even telling the truth?

The special prosecutors in Healey’s office have asked the Texas Attorney General to help them keep their investigative file secret. They claim the Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis sent them an e-mail in September asking for the files and they consider that a request under the Texas Public Information Act. Under that law, the prosecutors had ten days to ask for a legal opinion. Their request cites grand jury secrecy.

But John Healy’s office didn’t tell the Attorney General the whole story. That’s outrageous and the Fort Bend District Attorney should have to explain the deception.

Last December, a Waller County Jury found former county commissioners conspired to violate transparency laws on the land deal. The sworn testimony raised allegations of possible perjury. The Waller County District Attorney originally had a conflict on the landfill case, but in January the new commissioners’ court waived his conflict. Mathis was ready to launch a new investigation, but needed the files.

If you read the letter to the Texas Attorney General, it looks like Mathis made his request for the records on September 3rd. We have documents proving otherwise. On April 28th a letter from those very special prosecutors denied a request from the Waller County District Attorney for those files.

On July 28th, the very State District Judge who appointed the special prosecutors dismissed them and asked them to return their files to the Waller County District Attorney. Judge Buddy McCaig asked them to return the documents at their earliest convenience.

John Healey’s office didn’t turn the files over. But on September 3rd they sent an e-mail to Mathis asking him which records he wanted. Mathis asked for the entire box. Healey’s prosecutors are using that response to play the Public Information Act game.

“Every voter in Fort Bend County should be looking at this deal. The landfill may be in Hempstead, but the conduct of the special prosecutors in this case should be rejected by the people in Fort Bend County,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

John Healey’s office didn’t tell the Texas Attorney General the whole story. Now he knows it.



Ben Hall received more votes than Sylvester Turner and Adrian Garcia put together in a bi-partisan straw poll of Clear Lake voters this week.

The poll was taken at a joint forum of Clear Lake Republican Women and Bay Area Democrats.

The poll clearly spells trouble for other conservatives in the race for Houston Mayor. Half of the voters polled want someone other than former tax collector Bill King and Councilman Steve “rain tax” Costello.

“This poll is important because Clear Lake is important. It exposes the myth that Sylvester Turner and Adrian Garcia are front runners, and it provides evidence that Bill King and Steve Costello cannot make it into a runoff because they can’t even dominate polls in the suburbs,” says Hall. “It is time for those voters who oppose higher taxes, who want to be safe, and who are tired of career politicians and backroom deals to stand up and say enough is enough.”

Ben Hall believes a coalition of faith voters and fiscal conservatives from neighborhoods across Houston can rescue City Hall from wasteful spending practices.

Ben Hall is the only candidate who has vowed to vote against Prop 1, the so called HERO ordinance, because it can make business owners criminals for trying to protect their female customers, and it will jeopardize the safety of our wives and daughters.

Hall has received the endorsement of more than 2050 pastors from churches throughout the City after promising to end the war on churches waged by Mayor Parker and Houston City Hall.

Facing possible criminal indictment for hiding financial records, the controversial veteran’s charity Helping a Hero will go to court to stop Dolcefino Consulting from looking at how they spent millions of dollars in donations.

The Harris County District Attorney had given Helping a Hero a deadline of today to turn over the financial records or face a grand jury. Now the charities lawyer has filed a motion to protect the documents, claiming the records could be used by a disabled veteran suing the charity.

Dolcefino Consulting first exposed questionable spending by the charity founder Meredith Iler in 2013 after the District Attorney told the charity to comply with the state charity law.

Several veterans and their families have complained the charity misused donations and broke promises to provide adapted homes. At least one veteran has walked away from a Helping a Hero home.

“Helping a Hero should be happy to show all their financial records to everyone, not just to their donors, but to the men and women who lost arms and legs and suffered horrible consequences defending our country,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. The charity used these war heroes to collect donations and now tries to hide from them when they ask questions. Shame on them.”

The protective order hearing is set for October 2nd in Judge Michael Landrum’s 113th District Court.


READ: Motion for Protective Order

uptownbusYou know the old expression putting the “cart before the horse.”

Well the Uptown bureaucrats are doing that and city council isn’t saying a word.

Uptown has started buying right of way land so they can tear up Post Oak, widen the street and then put special bus lanes up and down. Of course, the transparent Uptown folks refuse to tell you who got the deal even though they used your money to do it.

Yet Uptown says they haven’t even yet bought the land for the proposed Bellaire Uptown Transit Center. That is the place where all this sudden invasion of bus happy commuters will come to transfer to Uptown buses.

And there is growing evidence of a bait and switch on this whole deal.

In March of 2015, Uptown president John Breeding told Bellaire lawmakers the $26 million facility would hold 250 parking spaces, not the 700 first thought. Now Metro says they expect only 100 parking spaces and admits there are major issues still being worked out.

That change in parking has caused a major reduction in proposed ridership, even by the wishful thinking folks at Metro. The reason is obvious. Virtually no one will be able to drive to the transit center to take a short bus ride to Uptown. Wasn’t that part of the master plan?

But Houstonians are starting to get it. This isn’t about getting you to work quicker. This is a land deal. That’s why Uptown isn’t investing deeply into the transit center and not worried that no one will be able to park there.

That is why they are buying the right of way first and expanding utilities under Post Oak, using taxpayer money to help make some property owners on the un-elected Uptown Board a big payday.

“This is a giant game being played on Houston taxpayers,” says Jim Scarborough of the Uptown Property Owners group. “Uptown doesn’t need to tear up Post Oak, and they know it.”


One month in 2012, Sylvester Turner suddenly dropped his opposition to the HISD bond election and instead helped pass it.


Now we know that Sylvester Turner’s title company has financially benefited as a result of the HISD bond deal. The bond election allowed HISD to build a new high school for law and justice. That cleared the way for them to sell their current school on Shepherd. The price tag — $60 million. The title company was paid $144,000 in the HISD real estate deal. That title company is American Title, a company Turner says he runs from his downtown offices.

We have all seen the headlines.

HISD is breaking promises to replace a rat-infested high school because $1.9 billion now isn’t enough. The Houston Chronicle reports mismanagement and over payments to contractors. School board members want an audit. The superintendent has now resigned.

“It is time for Sylvester Turner to tell taxpayers how much of their money he’s made in these deals,” says Hall. “Every single penny. He has lined his pockets while in public office and that is why I am calling him out.”

Also for years, the Sylvester Turner law firm has been on the payroll of tax collector Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson. City Hall records show payments totaling $850,000.

HISD records show Linebarger filed public reports that Turner’s law firm was paid $10,000 a month for years, but Turner claims Linebarger filed false reports.
Now Linebarger doesn’t claim they are sharing their HISD contract with any minority firms, but is Turner standing up for firms owned by women, Hispanics and African Americans?

Nope! Not a peep!

It’s a simple question Mr. Turner. Tell the voters why it is fair for you to make millions from public office while the people who put you in office are suffering?

Be careful when answering because we intend to reveal the millions more you have been paid by taxpayers.

READ: HSLECJ closing statement pdf


Bill King now says un-elected neighborhood bureaucrats should be given more tax money to spend as they wish.

That’s not conservative thinking. That is precisely the kind of logic that is letting Uptown waste $200 million tax on a bus project virtually no Houstonian will use outside the Galleria area.

King has waffled on whether he will stop the Galleria bus project if elected. That’s not leadership.

Houstonians need to elect a Mayor that will tell you the truth about what he will do before they cast their ballots.

Only Ben Hall has committed to stop the bus boondoggle day one, and he’s warning unelected Uptown bosses that he will insist of their repaying any tax dollars they waste once he is Mayor.

“I invite the property owners and residents of Uptown to join my campaign. I will put a stop to this project. And I will break up these neighborhood piggy banks for unelected bosses and to spend the tax dollars for projects that will better serve the needs of the
city,” says Hall.

Another waffle by King occurred at a mayoral debate last week. King finally called the HERO ordinance on the ballot a bad ordinance, yet just one day later he refused to say how he would vote on the “bad ordinance.”

“I oppose HERO because it jeopardizes the public safety of our daughters, wives and mothers,” says Ben Hall. “We will not let men use women’s restrooms. Period! Houstonians don’t need career politician double-speak. They want the truth. ”

Join our growing campaign to move Houston forward at

Sylvester Turner’s companies have made millions of dollars off Houston taxpayers while he has been in office, and it’s time to start showing Houstonians how.

Last week at the Mayor’s debate, Turner got all defensive about his Linebarger connections. The Channel 13 moderators didn’t challenge him, so let Dolcefino Consulting.

Linebarger Goggan is the controversial tax collection firm that sues Houstonians for property taxes, toll road fees and traffic tickets. It is famous for putting politicians on the payroll to satisfy Affirmative Action pledges.

Sylvester Turner is one of those politicians whose firm gets a piece of the pie.

City of Houston Affirmative Action records show Linebarger has paid Sylvester Turner’s law firm, Barnes and Turner $850,000 on just two city contracts.

That is your money. And it is money that Sylvester Turner could have rejected so disadvantaged firms in the minority community could get work. Of course, if you ever looked at the who’s who on a Linebarger contract you can see a lot of familiar names.

Linebarger Goggan got an $8 million contract from HISD claiming they would share up to 25% of the deal with women and minority owned firms. For years, a managing partner of the firm signed government documents saying Barnes and Turner was one of the firms they used. In 2014, the company affirmed the monthly take for Barnes and Turner was $10,000.

A Houston Chronicle article profiled Turner’s lucrative Linebarger deals. In 2014 Sylvester Turner suddenly claimed those years of records were wrong. Linebarger chalked years of false reporting to a mistake. HISD just said OK in true watchdog fashion. So let’s get this straight.

For years, Linebarger falsified records to HISD, allowing them to play with the affirmative action numbers and what they said they were doing for disadvantaged firms? Who did they share their big contract with? You would think Sylvester Turner would want to know for his constituents.

It’s been more than a year.

HISD records released last week show Linebarger may now be keeping the whole deal for themselves, and no longer sharing a single penny with a minority company. But who knows if these records are any better than the other ones.

Why is Sylvester Turner silent?

We just gave you 850,000 reasons why!