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Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services has spent nearly $85,000 in five months on legal fees, a lot of it spent fighting requests for records detailing how they spend the millions they make from Harris County taxpayers and the government issued 911 contract.

“This is money that could have been spent on medical supplies and fixing deteriorating ambulances” says Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino. “Taxpayers should be outraged.”

Facing a deadline last Friday to produce records or facing new potential criminal charges, CCEMS provided some new documents, but continues to keep secrets.

The ambulance service for half a million Harris County residents has already been charged by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office with a crime for refusing to turn over financial records under Texas non-profit laws, and CCEMS has ignored an Attorney General ruling to detail who is on their payroll, instead deciding to sue the State of Texas to keep their secrets.

CCEMS is also facing a lawsuit from a former medical billing company accusing the Executive Director Brad England of steering the lucrative contract to relatives of a top executive.

ESD #11 oversees the CCEMS contract, and sets the tax rate for 911 service for half a million Harris County Residents.

The budget for CCEMS in 2015 is more than 20 million dollars. CCEMS operates 13 full time ambulances, and 3 part time ambulances.

A Dolcefino Consulting investigation has questioned the almost daily entertainment expenses of Executive Director Brad England, including dinners and drinking at Perry’s Steakhouse.

“Taxpayers subsidize 911 service to the tune of millions of dollars. They have a right to know if the money Cypress Creek makes from their government contract is going to defray medicine and ambulance costs, or to wine and steak, says Dolcefino. They certainly have a right to know the names of the people their taxes are paying. It’s not that complicated.”

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Houston- May 5, 2015 — “America in Recovery” is set to announce a new round of college scholarships for at-risk high school senior all across the Houston area, but the charity is worried sagging oil prices may harm our growing campaign to provide that important help Houston area teenagers, the chance to succeed.

America in Recovery says it has been forced to reschedule a planned May fundraiser with Harris County Judge Ed Emmett until November of 2015. Many oil and gas company executives told us current layoffs prevent them from helping local charities right now.

The price of oil did reach the peak for the year today, but is still dramatically below levels of last year.

“We know it is hard to donate when you are delivering tough news to your employees and that is why we call on the Houston business community today to pitch in to help our kids, says AIR Executive Director Judith Dubose. If we can help those youngsters now they will contribute to our economy in the years ahead. This investment is critical.”

Despite the economic slowdown, the charity announces it will dramatically increase the number of scholarships available to deserving students. Educators across the Houston area have recommended recipients of scholarships from seven Houston Area School Districts including Spring, Aldine, Cy-Fair, Houston, Galveston, Dickinson, and Goose Creek.

But we need your help to make these dreams a reality.

America in Recovery believes in providing chances and knows the private sector, not the government, is the answer. Last year our scholarships rewarded the determination of a number of deserving kids, including a homeless student in Galveston, and a young mother who didn’t let her pregnancy stop her goal of going to college.

America in Recovery accepts no government funds and is a tax deductible charity organization.

To learn how you can help, go to, or call 281-598-9921.

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A growing coalition of business and property owners in Uptown detailed their opposition to a planned 300 million dollar bus project along Post Oak.

The Post Oak Property Owner and Business Owner Coalition held a news conference on May 6th to detail this shocking waste of public funds, and expose the conflicts of interests that prove this project should be delayed immediately.

Post Oak is often called the “Rodeo Drive” of Houston. The Uptown District, the Mayor’s office and Metro are all behind the plan to spend 300 million plus dollars for a dedicated bus lane down the middle of Post Oak, an attempt to salvage public and political opposition to Metro rail lines.

Public records show Metro ridership numbers simply do not support this project, and there is no need to widen Post Oak to synchronize buses going up and down the street. The coalition says neighborhoods both east and west of Uptown will face horrible congestion as traffic lights at Westheimer, San Felipe and Richmond are affected.

Who will benefit? Our investigation shows some members of the Uptown Board will make millions if the project ever happens.

This project has been planned for over two years. [READ HERE]

2. Miller has been pushing the Post Oak bus project two years. Here is a 2014 appeal to a State Official ((Millers Lobbying))

3. Has Uptown mislead the Mayor’s office on support?. See the e-mail from Uptown Executive Director John Breeding that has so many Post Oak Property Owners mad. Then see what Invesco really said. ((which is it))

4 and 5 These METRO Uptown documents reveal the battle over whether to preempt traffic lights on Uptown side streets for 14 buses a day going back and forth, maybe more ((Metro Memo AND MetroUptown Mtg))

Uptown administration salaries now exceed 1 million a year, 300,000 to rent their headquarters. This is the compensation for Exec Director ((HCID#1 Salary))

Why is so much tax money being spent in one place. The taxable value in UPTOWN has increased three billion dollars since it was created, and most of that money is bottled up on Houston’s rodeo drive ((Bottom Line))

Have we created unelected bureaucratic monsters with the power to spend hundreds of millions of our tax dollars?

The last commuter bus from Katy to Uptown was closed because of lack or riders. 224 boardings a day. Metro’s number.

Business owners rally against bus lane planned on Post Oak Boulevard

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Dan Golvach buried his son in early February. Now he feels victimized again.

Spencer Golvach was the victim of a brutal crime spree committed by a single criminal who was living in the Houston area even though he had been deported four times. Spencer was gunned down at a traffic light, one of four people shot by Victor Reyes before he was killed by a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy.

On March 9th the Texas Legislature honored Spencer’s death with a somber resolution. At the same time, the Houston Police and Harris County Sheriff’s office have all but ignored pleas for information from the Golvach family.

“The Sheriff had time to go to Austin to testify against efforts to identify these illegal criminals, but he doesn’t have time to meet with me. Houston Police refuse to show me what they have done to investigative Victor Reyes”, says Golvach.

Dolcefino Consulting has been assisting Golvach in his search for answers, exposing Reyes as a serial violator of a border that is not keeping deported criminals from returning. Both the Houston Police and Harris County Sheriff have refused to release records of their investigation, even though both Golvach and Reyes are deceased.

“This is an insult to the Golvach family and to all Houstonians”, says Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino.

Golvach is now demanding a face to face meeting with Police Chief Charles Mclelland and Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

“I want them to look me in the eye and tell me why I cannot see what they have done to find about the cockroach that killed my son. My family deserves this small courtesy. Instead we are being victimized by their indifference”.

Golvach is available for media interviews and requests the public’s help in getting the answers Houston law enforcement are hiding from the public.

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Hempstead- May 1, 2015

Owners of the land for the proposed 15 story garbage dump stand to make up millions on the deal as neighbors fear their property values will be destroyed and the environment threatened. Those are key details Dolcefino Consulting has learned Pintail Landfill has been paying handsomely for the right to hold a 5 year renewable option to eventually buy the landfill site.

The financial details are public for the first time. $500,000.00 to initiate the deal and 5,000.00 a month for three years to the landowners Marengo Family Properties. Last year, Pintail was required to pay another $250,000.OO dollars, and an increasing monthly fee of $7,500.00 a month.

The fifth and final year of the option agreement was set to begin on April 29th, with Pintail paying another $250,000.00 dollars and an increasing monthly fee of $10,000.00 dollars.

If Pintail buys the property it will pay up to Nine Million Dollars ($9,000,000.00) for the acreage, but the Marengo Family Properties also wants in on the garbage business, collecting at least 20 cents a ton for the trash Pintail wants to heap on the Waller County Countryside.

Marengo Family Properties is owned by the Dr. David Donald family. Dr. Donald runs Bayside Urology in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The date of the option agreement is also interesting. February 23, 2011. That is nearly four months before Pintails plans became known to the public, but weeks after phone records prove then Waller County Judge was talking to the landfill boss. By February 23, 2011 plans were already underway by Pintail Owner Green Group to fly select county officials to a landfill site in Georgia. That trip was intentionally kept secret from residents.

Late last year, a Waller County jury ruled county officials violated state transparency laws in the landfill deal. New County officials agreed to pay more than $700,000.OO for the ethics sins of the past leaders, and have now tried to join the most important fight, the battle later this summer to convince the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to reject the landfill permit.

Obviously, the documents would tell you Pintail never expected to be fighting this battle four years later. The landfill site is near predominantly minority communities, but the community has already raised nearly $1.5 million dollars ($1,500,000.00) to fight this proposed garbage dump.

“If it’s about money I sure wish Dr. Donald would give his neighbors and community leaders a chance to buy the land, so it is not a giant trash heap and the aquifer underneath the ground threatened”, says Wayne Dolcefino, the former investigative journalist whose company Dolcefino Consulting has spearheaded probes of the landfill deal “Maybe he should ask his patients if they want him in the garbage business, and while he is at it also talk about whether his actions fit the concept of being a good neighbor”.

Landowners all fear their property values will be destroyed and their drinking water eventually poisoned by the 15 story garbage dump. Parents of Texas A&M students now worry about their kids sharing the highway with garbage trucks. School officials in Prairie View share Hempstead concerns the landfill will destroy the economic future of the area.

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