State of Emergency

The Cost of a Broken Houston Fire Fleet

For the very first time you can see a groundbreaking data investigative report that exposes the true cost of our broken fire fleet. Neighborhoods left vulnerable by empty fire stations or crippled fire trucks. Wherever you live, you can now see how your fire station is being compromised.

HFD Report

A report that describes the truck issues HFD is having. You can see the name of your city councilmember, the addresses of the fire stations near your home and the most alarming statistics for each district in the city.

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ERR Documents

Each document lists every fire truck that is out of service as well as why it is out, where it is being worked on, and when you can expect it to be back in service at your local station.

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Engine Data and Ladder Data

We have received the raw data from the Houston Fire Department for every time any fire truck in Houston was taken out of service in 2016 and 2017.

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Engine Analysis and Ladder Analysis

In these documents you can see numbers for total breakdown events at each station in the two year period, when a truck was out for an extended period, the longest times and the total hours of breakdowns each station had.

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